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Wanted Dead or a Wild invites players to a high-stakes wild west adventure on its 5×5 grid with 15 paylines, delivered by the creative minds at Hacksaw Gaming. This volatile slot packs a punch with expanding VS multiplier wilds reaching up to x100, promising colossal payouts in the base game. The trio of bonus rounds introduces sticky wilds, enhanced VS wild frequency, and a dynamic wild/multiplier accumulation and release feature. With a potential payout of up to 12,500 times your stake, saddle up and explore the thrilling frontier of Wanted Dead or a Wild in our comprehensive review. Unleash your inner outlaw and try the Wanted Dead or a Wild free demo to experience the wild west like never before.

Wanted Dead or a Wild
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Hacksaw Gaming
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Wanted Dead or a Wild Slot Review

In Wanted Dead or a Wild, Hacksaw Gaming seamlessly merges their signature simple and distinctive visual style with the rugged aesthetics of the wild west. Despite the somewhat tongue-in-cheek title, the game takes on a serious tone, immersing players in a bone-dry desert adventure. The base game, while resembling a journey through arid landscapes, can surprise with VS expanding multiplier wilds, offering an opportunity for substantial wins.

However, the real showdown happens in the three bonus rounds, where the potential to reach the impressive 12,500x payout becomes more palpable. While the Train Robbery feature is the least volatile among them, the bleak atmosphere adds a grittier dimension to Hacksaw’s portfolio. The only hitch comes with the introduction of adjustable RTP ranges, a departure from the developer’s usual straightforward approach. Beyond the peculiar title, Wanted Dead or a Wild presents a fresh and more somber perspective from the usually light-hearted Malta-based creator.

Slot Features

In the sun-scorched world of Wanted Dead or a Wild, the Wild symbol reigns supreme, appearing on all five reels and serving as a versatile substitute for standard pay symbols. As the most lucrative icon, the Wild symbol, complete with a pistol cylinder, yields a generous 20x your stake when you land five in a row. Premium picture symbols, numbering five, grant payouts ranging from 5 to 20 times your stake for five-of-a-kind wins.

Adding intrigue to the base game are the exclusive VS symbols, capable of expanding across entire reels before transforming into wilds. A captivating duel between two gunslingers unfolds, granting a random wild multiplier between x2 and x100. Should multiple VS wilds contribute to a winning combination, their multipliers unite for an even more substantial reward.

Venturing into the Wanted Dead or a Wild bonus rounds requires specific triggers. The Great Train Robbery Bonus Round initiates when three or more Train Robbery symbols materialize in the base game, furnishing 10 free spins. Throughout this feature, any wilds that emerge remain sticky for the duration of the round, presenting a medium volatility challenge.

For the Duel at Dawn Bonus Round, a minimum of three Duel symbols must grace the reels. While still awarding 10 free spins, this feature introduces a higher frequency of VS symbols, although the intense volatility adds an element of risk.

The Dead Man’s Hand Bonus Round unfolds when three or more Dead scatters align on a single spin. Commencing with the Collect Phase, this phase follows a respins-style format with three spins. The goal is to amass wilds and multiplier symbols, recorded in dedicated meters. With the potential to accumulate up to 20 wilds and a formidable x31 multiplier, respins persist with each collected symbol until three consecutive blank spins initiate the Showdown phase.

During the Showdown, three spins unfold, featuring random configurations of the amassed wilds. Moreover, all wins enjoy the boost of the accrued multiplier from the Collect Phase.

The Wanted Dead or a Wild Bonus Buy menu beckons, offering instant access to all three features. The Great Train Robbery, Duel at Dawn, and Dead Man’s Hand are available for purchase at 80, 200, or 400 times your stake, respectively, promising an expedited route to the heart-pounding bonus action.

Review Summary

Wanted Dead or a Wild encapsulates the essence of the silent, resolute Wild West figures we’ve encountered in countless tales—individuals quietly minding their own business in the dimly lit corners of saloons until chaos erupts. This sentiment perfectly captures the gameplay experience, where stretches of uneventful spins are suddenly interrupted by the adrenaline-pumping VS duels, injecting vigor into your bankroll.

While the base game may not be overly thrilling, the possibility of a staggering x100 wild multiplier reaching the game’s 12,500x potential adds an element of excitement. The Dead Man’s Hand feature introduces an engaging dynamic, allowing players to accumulate wilds and amplify multipliers, leading to intense and potentially lucrative final spins. The Duel at Dawn round experiences sudden surges of action with the appearance of double VS wilds, punctuating otherwise tranquil intervals. Meanwhile, the Train Robbery feature adheres to the classic sticky wilds mechanism, providing a more predictable yet enjoyable option in the bonus arsenal.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Game

  • VS expanded wilds w/ up to x100 multipliers
  • FS w/ sticky wilds (medium volatile)
  • FS w/ more frequent VS multiplier wilds
  • FS w/ wild/multiplier collect/release on 3 final spins
  • Win up to 12,500x your stake
  • Beware of adjustable RTP ranges

BC.Game Casino questions and answers (FAQ)

What makes Wanted Dead or a Wild Slot unique among wild west-themed slots?
Wanted Dead or a Wild stands out due to its gritty visual style and serious atmosphere, a departure from Hacksaw Gaming's usual lightheartedness. The VS expanding multiplier wilds and three distinct bonus rounds contribute to its uniqueness.
How does the Great Train Robbery Bonus Round differ from other features?
Triggered by landing 3+ Train Robbery symbols, this medium-volatility round awards 10 free spins, turning all wilds sticky for the duration. While less volatile, it offers a more predictable experience compared to the other bonus rounds.
What is the significance of the Dead Man’s Hand Bonus Round's Collect and Showdown Phases?
The Collect Phase involves a streak respins style game where players aim to land wilds and multiplier symbols. The Showdown Phase, activated after landing blanks three times, uses collected wilds and multipliers in random configurations for three final spins.
How do players trigger the Duel at Dawn Bonus Round, and what distinguishes it from the base game?
Triggered by landing at least 3 Duel symbols, this high-volatility round awards 10 free spins with more frequent VS symbols. The sudden appearance of double VS wilds provides unexpected moments of intensity amidst quiet intervals.
What does the Bonus Purchase menu offer players and how does it work?
The Bonus Purchase menu allows players to purchase any of the three bonus rounds - Great Train Robbery, Duel at Dawn and Dead Man's Hand - at any time. Players can purchase these features for 80, 200 or 400 times their stake respectively, providing instant entry into the selected round.
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