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While it may bear a strong resemblance to the iconic Book of Ra – one of the most renowned physical slot machines to date – the Book of Dead slot holds its ground as a noteworthy game in its own right. Its individual merit cannot be overshadowed, offering a thrilling escapade that many attest is more than capable of standing tall next to its predecessor.

Book of Dead
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Book of Dead Review

In the realm of online slots, the Book of Dead stands shoulder to shoulder with the iconic Book of Ra, a stalwart in the lineup of physical slot machines. While there are murmurs of it being a ripoff, it cannot be denied that Book of Dead has forged its unique legacy since its launch by Play’n Go in January 2014, especially among UK players.

Embarking on an adventure with the Indiana Jones-esque protagonist, Rich Wilde, players find themselves immersed in the mysteries of ancient Egypt, a theme frequently revisited in this series, echoing another thrilling episode in «Pearls of India.» The game extends an invitation to a riveting treasure hunt where opportunities to win big are plentiful, especially given its high variance slot nature.

With a setup featuring 5 reels and 10 paylines, Book of Dead offers an enthralling experience punctuated with exciting bonus features and impeccable graphic design that draws heavily from Egyptian lore. Whether on mobile or desktop, players can indulge in this visually pleasing escapade with the potential to take home a staggering maximum win of £500,000.

At the heart of its allure is the coveted free spins bonus game, a feature that has helped cement the Book of Dead’s position as a must-try for slot enthusiasts. For a detailed journey into what makes this game tick, delve into our comprehensive review that unravels every secret it holds, offering you a roadmap to possibly uncovering the ancient treasures that lie within.

Book of Dead Slot Features

Before diving into the labyrinthine adventures awaiting in the «Book of Dead» slot game, a prudent first step would be to acquaint ourselves with the game’s technical landscape, a harbinger of the thrilling experience that lies ahead. Here’s a snapshot of what to expect:

Bear in mind, the house edge here stands at a reasonable 3.79%, affording a relatively decent chance to reap rewards as you delve into the mysteries of the «Book of Dead.»

As you venture into the world of «Book of Dead,» brace yourself for a ride characterized by highs and lows owing to its high variance nature. This means you might witness considerable fluctuations in your bankroll, a journey of thrilling ups and daunting downs. When the wins come, they come big, making the gameplay exceedingly exhilarating. However, the key is to tread wisely, adjusting your betting strategy to navigate the choppy waters of high volatility.

This episode witnesses the audacious return of Rich Wilde, your seasoned guide, embarking on his second adventure, this time in the mystical landscapes of Egypt, a destination rich with ancient treasures just waiting to be unearthed. You are invited to be a part of this grand expedition, promising an adventure of a lifetime with treasures beyond your wildest dreams.

While the slot has often been paralleled with classics like «Book of Ra» and «Lord of the Ocean,» owing to its similar thematic underpinnings and bonus features, «Book of Dead» stands tall with its unique offerings. It bravely borrows and splendidly builds upon the elements of its predecessors, introducing a game that has rapidly risen to be a favorite among aficionados.

Embarking on this journey, you will encounter symbols steeped in Egyptian lore, a total of 11 richly designed icons that pave the path to untold riches. Rich Wilde, the iconic symbol, stands as your ticket to the grand prize, offering up to 5,000 times your stake when he graces your payline five times in a row.

The vibrant «Book of Dead» symbol wears two hats, doubling as both a wild and a scatter to bolster your winning prospects significantly. It is your gateway to the much-anticipated free spins feature, a bonus round that not only promises substantial wins but also harbors the potential for re-triggers, amplifying the excitement manifold.

Playable across a plethora of devices, the slot ensures a seamless gaming experience whether you’re at home or on the go. It truly encapsulates a modern gaming marvel grounded in the rich tapestry of ancient Egyptian mythology, ready to offer not just a game, but an adventure with every spin.

Book of Dead Slot Guide

Gamble Feature

Amplify your winnings with the gamble feature accessible below the reels. Hit the “gamble” button to potentially double or quadruple your gains by rightly predicting the upcoming card’s color or suit. While the stakes are high, remember, it’s a double-edged sword—you might lose it all.

Free Spins

The pinnacle of excitement in the «Book of Dead» slot is its free spins feature. Trigger it with at least three scatter symbols, granting you an initial tally of 10 free spins. Adding to the excitement is a random symbol chosen to expand across a reel, fostering higher chances of winning combinations. Remember, this symbol only expands on an active payline, crafting a strategic layer to your gameplay.

How to Play

Ready to embark on an adventure with Rich Wilde? The «Book of Dead» slot maintains a user-friendly interface through a hamburger menu at the screen’s right bottom. It houses the paytable, detailing the bonus features and symbol values based on your line bet. Rich Wilde leads as the highest paying symbol, offering a grand 500x your total stake for five on a payline.

Setting your bet is straightforward, allowing adjustments to the coin value and bet level, ranging from 10p to £100 per spin. For a faster-paced adventure, activate the fast play option. The autoplay feature further smoothes the journey, with customizable settings for a series of 10 to 100 automatic spins.

Equipped with these insights, you’re ready to immerse yourself in the treasure hunt, championed by the brave explorer, Rich Wilde.

Where to play Book of Dead slot?

Book of Dead is not just a game; it’s a phenomenon deeply entrenched in the virtual casino cosmos, a staple for enthusiasts and novices alike. Given its grand stature in the gaming landscape, it holds a place of honor in nearly every online casino lobby.

So, how do you venture into this rich narrative woven with mysteries of the ancient world? You stand before two exciting avenues — diving into the vibrant real-money mode or exploring the intricacies through the demo version.

Play for Real Money

For those ready to plunge headfirst into the vibrant world of Book of Dead, playing with real money is the way to go. Rest assured, we have done the legwork for you, meticulously scanning through numerous casinos daily to bring you the creme de la creme, each offering a handsome welcome treat to get you started. All you need to do is head to the top of this page, where a curated list awaits to lead you to your chosen playground.

Try the Book of Dead Demo Version

Perhaps, you prefer to dip your toes in the water before taking the full plunge. The Book of Dead demo version stands as a beacon for such players, offering a risk-free environment to explore the game’s features at your leisure. It’s a haven where you can carve out your strategy without the pressure of stakes. Navigate to the pinnacle of this review to embrace the world of Book of Dead, and commence your adventure with the free demo game.

Game Jackpot (Max Win)

In the dynamic world of Book of Dead, you won’t find progressive or local jackpots steering the gameplay. However, dismissing it for lack of these would be a mistake as the game crafts a canvas of rich opportunities to secure grand victories. The high variance slot translates to substantial payouts, paving the way for moments when fortune graces you with her presence. A golden opportunity of seizing 250,000 coins or £500,000 stands as a testimony to the grandeur awaiting in this Egyptian realm, promising to change the lives of many.

Play on Mobile & Tablets

In this digital age, Book of Dead ensures it remains at your fingertips, offering seamless gaming experiences across iPhone, iPad, Android, and various tablets. The boon of mobile gaming is the liberation it offers, allowing you to dive into the intriguing narratives of ancient tombs and hidden treasures from virtually anywhere — be it during a mundane commute or a lazy afternoon. Thus, transforming passive moments into thrilling adventures punctuated with the possibility of clinching grand wins.

Review Summary

As we reflect upon Book of Dead, comparisons with the famed Book of Ra Deluxe by Novomatic are inevitable. Yet, it emerges with a persona carved of enhanced graphics and animations, positioning itself as not just an upgrade but a title revered in its own might. The judicious would agree that the Book of Dead has etched a remarkable journey, from being perceived as a derivative to being celebrated for its standalone prowess.

Embarking on this journey does demand a cautious approach, acknowledging the volatile nature of the game while setting your bet limits. Yet, the very volatility holds the golden ticket to unparalleled rewards, peaking at 5000 times your stake per spin, translating to a magnificent half a million pounds at maximum stakes.

A haven for high rollers and seekers of worthy wins, Book of Dead not just promises, but delivers exhilarating journeys wrapped with promising rewards. It beckons every adventurer to not judge this book by its cover but to delve deeper, for within its reels lies a saga of riches, ready to be unfolded by the worthy.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Game

  • High max winnings
  • High variance
  • Exciting free spins feature with expanding wild
  • Requires patience and a cool head

BC.Game Casino questions and answers (FAQ)

What does the RTP stand for in the Book of Dead slot, and what is its value?
The RTP or Return to Player is a measure of the percentage of stakes that a game returns to players over a substantial number of spins, typically expressed as a percentage. For the Book of Dead slot, the RTP is set at 96.21%. However, it is essential to note that the game provider, Play’n Go, allows casinos to adjust this value within a specified range. Hence, it is recommended to confirm the exact RTP with the specific casino you choose to play at.
Can you tell me about the volatility of the Book of Dead?
Certainly, the Book of Dead slot is known for its high volatility. This entails that while wins might come less frequently, when they do occur, they can offer substantial payouts. Players venturing into this Egyptian adventure should strategize their bet levels and maintain a robust bankroll to enjoy a prolonged gaming experience.
What stands as the pinnacle of winnings in this game?
The pinnacle of winnings in the Book of Dead slot stands at a significant 5,000 times your stake, a reward metric that has been embraced by many subsequent slots in the book series.
Does the Book of Dead slot offer a free spins feature?
Yes, indeed. The free spins feature is not only present but stands as a hallmark bonus in the Book of Dead slot. This attribute incorporates a unique facet where a regular symbol is randomly chosen to expand during the bonus round, paving the path for potentially massive wins.
What are the available avenues to clinch a win in this slot?
The Book of Dead slot operates on a structure offering 10 fixed paylines, a feature that has been recurrently adopted in several other book series slots that followed.
Is there a provision to gamble my winnings in the Book of Dead slot?
Yes, the game endows players with a gamble feature, presenting a classic setup where you engage in a 50/50 guessing game, centered around predicting the color of a hidden card, offering a chance to double your winnings or potentially lose them.
How can I experience the Book of Dead slot without wagering real money?
Absolutely, the Book of Dead slot extends a demo version facilitating players to delve into the Egyptian narrative without wagering real funds. Navigate to the top of this page to access the demo and explore a curated list of reliable and licensed casinos offering attractive welcome bonuses for playing the Book of Dead with real money.
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