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Set sail on a daring adventure with Sky Bounty, a high-volatility sky pirate slot crafted by Pragmatic Play. This thrilling escapade unfolds on a 6×6 grid adorned with 50 paylines. At unexpected intervals, a 2×2 to 6×6 sized frame emerges, providing an opportunity for wilds to expand and fill the space. The excitement intensifies as multiple wilds contribute to an expanded wild multiplier. In the bonus round, the persistent frame undergoes growth through scatter collection. With a maximum win potential of 5,000 times your stake, Sky Bounty promises sky-high thrills. Dive into our comprehensive review, located just below the free demo game, to explore the riches that await in this aerial adventure.

Sky Bounty
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Sky Bounty Review

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Sky Bounty, a unique creation by Pragmatic Play that sets itself apart from the multitude of Kraken-themed slots. In this imaginative adventure, pirate krakens engage in exhilarating cannon battles against blimp ships soaring through the sky. Pragmatic Play showcases its boundless creativity, and Sky Bounty stands out with features that rival the best. While it may draw some inspiration from Push Gaming’s ‘Fat’ series, Sky Bounty is no mere imitation. The base game introduces a dynamic frame that can fill the entire grid, appearing at random times and sizes ranging from 2×2 to 6×6. Wilds within the frame expand to occupy it, and the presence of multiple wilds enhances the expanded wild with a multiplier corresponding to the number of wilds involved. The allure of Sky Bounty extends to its bonus round, where the persistent frame initiates at a size of 2×2 and grows with the collection of 3 scatters. This progression unlocks the potential for payouts reaching up to 5,000 times your stake. To add to the excitement, eligible players can access a bonus buy and ante bet feature. Pragmatic Play’s Sky Bounty promises an unparalleled and thrilling gaming experience.

Sky Bounty Slot Features

Dive into the action-packed world of Sky Bounty with the Ante Bet feature, an optional extra that comes at a 20% increased cost per spin. This feature boosts the odds of triggering the bonus round by adding more scatters to the reel strips, although specific statistics are not disclosed. The premium symbols offer enticing rewards, ranging from 6 to 20 times your stake for six-of-a-kind wins. Wilds, versatile symbols that can appear anywhere on the reels, serve to complete or enhance winning combinations, matching the payout of the top-tier crossed swords symbol in a pure wild win.

The Random Expanding Wild Feature adds an element of surprise to the base game. Activating at random intervals, this feature introduces a 2×2 to 6×6 sized frame around random symbols on the grid. If at least one wild symbol is present within the frame, the wild expands to match the frame’s size. Should more than one wild land inside the frame, the expanded wild receives an upgrade, with a multiplier equal to the number of wilds within the frame.

The Bonus Round comes to life with 3 or more scatters in view, granting you 6 free spins. Throughout the bonus round, the frame remains active and shifts to a new random position per free spin. Collecting 3 scatter symbols upgrades the frame’s size, progressing from 2×2 to 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, and finally 6×6. Each frame upgrade also awards an additional 2 free spins. Once the frame reaches its maximum size, scatters no longer appear. Triggering the bonus round with 4, 5, or 6 scatters awards 1, 2, or 3 pre-collected scatters, respectively. Players also have the option to purchase the bonus round for 100 times the stake. Sky Bounty offers a thrilling blend of features and strategic choices for a captivating gaming experience.

Review Summary

Embark on a unique adventure where pirate krakens engage in fierce battles aboard floating blimp ships in the sky. Sky Bounty, a creation by Pragmatic Play, introduces captivating visuals and innovative features that set it apart as an above-average release from this renowned developer. The expanding wild system proves to be a formidable force, capable of delivering significant impact even in the base game. Achieving a 6×6 frame fills the entire grid, unlocking a minimum payout of 1,000x. Landing 5 wild symbols within the frame unleashes the game’s 5,000x potential.

While it can be equally disheartening to land a massive frame without a single wild, such twists of fate are intrinsic to the game’s nature. The bonus round introduces its own challenges, with the frame sometimes proving challenging to upgrade, particularly beyond the first two levels. Nevertheless, the bonus round remains a highly entertaining feature, offering the thrill of discovering how far you can take it each time. Sky Bounty possesses the elements needed to become a timeless success, akin to the popularity achieved by titles like Fat Rabbit. The future holds intrigue as players discover the game’s potential and witness its lasting impact in the world of online slots.

Pros And Cons Of Sky Bounty Online Slot

  • Random wild-expanding frame up to size 6×6
  • Multiplier upgrade from multiple wilds inside frame
  • FS w/ persistent frame that grows by scatter collection
  • Win up to 5,000x your stake
  • Ante Bet stats not specific enough
  • Beware of adjustable RTP ranges

BC.Game Casino questions and answers (FAQ)

What is the Return to Player (RTP) of Sky Bounty?
Sky Bounty boasts a top-tier RTP of 96.05%, slightly above the average standard. However, operators have the flexibility to adjust the RTP, allowing it to be set as low as 95% or 94.03% according to their discretion.
How volatile is Sky Bounty?
This installment from Pragmatic Play falls under the category of high volatility, earning a full 5 out of 5 on Pragmatic's own volatility scale.
What is the maximum win achievable?
In Sky Bounty, players have the potential to win up to 5,000 times their initial stake. This aligns with the consistent standard potential found in many recent Pragmatic Play slots.
How does the Random Expanding Wild feature function in Sky Bounty?
Randomly appearing at different intervals in the base game, the feature introduces a frame ranging from 2x2 to 6x6, covering random positions. If a wild symbol is encompassed by this frame, it expands to match the frame's size, acquiring a multiplier equivalent to the number of wilds within the frame.
Is there a free spins mode in Sky Bounty?
Certainly, players are granted an initial 6 free spins. During this bonus round, the 2x2-size frame shifts to a new position with each free spin. Additionally, the frame expands for every accumulation of 3 scatters, providing an extra +2 spins.
Can I play Sky Bounty Slot for free?
Absolutely, you can explore the free demo game located at the top of this page.
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