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Piggy Bankers, the latest offering from Pragmatic Play, is a high-volatility slot centered around wealth and prosperity. The game unfolds across a 5×4 reel setup with 20 paylines. Noteworthy features include the appearance of Walking Big Wilds emerging from fully stacked wild reels, gathering Banknote prizes from the top reel as they traverse the grid. The bonus round introduces an exciting twist, upgrading the Big Wild multipliers as they converge on the reels and granting additional spins. With a potential payout of up to 10,000 times your stake, Piggy Bankers promises a thrilling and lucrative gaming experience. Dive into our comprehensive review located below the free demo game for more details.

Piggy Bankers
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Piggy Bankers Review

Piggy Bankers, Pragmatic Play’s latest addition to their portfolio, explores the age-old association of pigs with wealth, a symbol deeply rooted in ancient Chinese culture. Pigs have long been regarded as emblems of prosperity and abundance. While cultural interpretations vary, the allure of pigs and wealth is undeniable. The slot game, Piggy Bankers, capitalizes on this theme, offering a visually engaging experience with its walking Big Wild Respins feature. Despite the seemingly generic visuals, the game’s base mechanics are far from ordinary. The walking Big Wilds, spanning entire reels, collect banknote prizes and may trigger the bonus round. In this bonus feature, Big Wilds gain multiplier upgrades, and respins ensure an extended and exciting gameplay. With a substantial 10,000x potential payout, Piggy Bankers stands out as a worthy addition to Pragmatic Play’s wealth-themed slots.

Piggy Bankers Slot Features

Piggy Bankers introduces players to a quirky world of porcine wealth, where both male and female piggy banker Wild symbols add charm to the reels. These Wilds step in for pay symbols, delivering wins that match the top-tier golden piggy bank symbol. The Wild Respins feature is a core element of the game, triggered by landing a full stack of wilds on a reel. This transforms single wilds into a substantial big wild, initiating respins that continue until the piggy banker moves off the grid.

Unique to Piggy Bankers is the Banknotes Reel, perched above the main grid, introducing an extra layer of excitement. The special reel randomly incorporates blanks and banknote symbols, offering cash prizes ranging from 0.5 to 100 times the stake. To access these rewards, players need a fully stacked wild reel beneath a banknote. The game’s central feature, the Wild Respin, is not only entertaining but also serves as a gateway to the Bonus Round.

The Piggy Bankers Bonus Round is triggered by collecting a ‘free spins’ banknote or when the male and female piggy bankers meet during the Wild Respin feature. In this round, players enjoy 5 free spins, with the opportunity to slide in a banknote worth 1,000 times the stake on the dedicated banknotes reel. The Wild Respin feature remains active during the bonus round, enhancing the gameplay without deducting from the free spins tally. Extra spins are granted when two big wilds meet, upgrading both with a 2x multiplier. The persistent multiplier is further boosted by +1 each time multiplier big wilds converge.

For those seeking a shortcut to the action can opt for the Bonus Buy feature at 80 times the stake. This convenient option increases the chances of triggering the feature, making Piggy Bankers an engaging and potentially rewarding slot experience.

Review Summary

Piggy Bankers stands out in the piggy-themed slot series, offering a fresh and entertaining take on the wealth-themed concept. While reminiscent of Piggy Bank Bill, this installment distinguishes itself as a distant cousin rather than a direct follow-up. The shared feature of similar-looking banknotes on the top reel adds a touch of familiarity.

When compared, Piggy Bankers emerges as the preferred choice, featuring highly engaging gameplay elements and a robust mathematical model. Although the visuals maintain Pragmatic Play’s solid standards, they don’t necessarily stand out as prominently as in the Bank Bill installment.

The innovative Banknotes Reel introduces a unique way of collecting cash prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement. Piggy Bankers provides multiple avenues to access the bonus round, contributing to the game’s overall appeal. The Big Wild Respins feature proves to be a consistent source of extra spins during the bonus round, complemented by wild multiplier upgrades that enhance the potential to reach the 10,000x maximum win.

With a 1 in 11.7 million hit rate for the max win, Piggy Bankers boasts a better-than-average probability, adding to its appeal. Overall, Piggy Bankers is a well-balanced and engaging slot, making it a recommendation without hesitation.

Pros And Cons Of Piggy Bankers Online Slot

  • Top reel w/ up to 100x prizes or FS banknotes
  • Big walking wild respins to collect prizes or FS
  • FS w/ walking wilds multiplier upgrade system
  • Win up to 10,000x (1 in 11.7m hit rate)
  • Beware of adjustable RTP ranges

BC.Game Casino questions and answers (FAQ)

What is the Return to Player (RTP) of Piggy Bankers?
Piggy Bankers boasts a top-tier RTP of 96.05%, slightly surpassing the average. Nevertheless, operators retain the flexibility to adjust the RTP to 94.98% or 93.98%, contingent on market requirements.
How volatile is Piggy Bankers?
This Pragmatic Play installment is characterized by high volatility, receiving a full 5 out of 5 on the in-game volatility scale.
What is the maximum potential win in Piggy Bankers?
Players have the opportunity to secure winnings of up to 10,000 times their stake in Piggy Bankers. The maximum win probability, or hit rate, stands at 1 in 11,737,100 spins.
How do the Wild Respins and Banknote Reel features function in Piggy Bankers?
The Wild Respins feature activates with the presence of fully stacked Big Wilds, which move either to the left (female piggy) or right (male piggy) with each respin. Banknote prizes are collected when big wilds align directly below the top reel symbol.
Does Piggy Bankers include a free spins mode?
Certainly, Piggy Bankers offers 5 free spins triggered by the meeting of 2 big wilds or the collection of a free spins (FS) banknote. During the bonus round, encounters between big wilds grant extra spins and elevate wilds with a +1 multiplier per meeting. Importantly, respins do not deplete your free spins tally.
Can I play Piggy Bankers Slot for free?
Absolutely, you can explore the free demo game located at the top of this page.
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