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Step into a realm where fortune meets enchantment in Bgaming studio’s latest offering, «Luck & Magic.» This fantasy-themed slot game takes players on a whirlwind adventure through a 3×3-reel gameplay experience brimming with mystery and opportunities to win big. One of the standout features of this game is the thrilling pick bonus game where players have the chance to seize prizes that skyrocket up to 999x their initial bet.

Luck & Magic
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Luck & Magic Review

Venture into the enchanting universe of «Luck & Magic,» the latest addition to the ever-growing portfolio of Bgaming, renowned for their prowess in game design. This novel slot game stands as a testimony to the team’s artistic acumen, expertly marrying a profound fantasy theme with straightforward yet delightful gameplay.

Evoking a sense of familiarity, the Luck & Magic slot draws parallels with the famed video card game, Hearthstone. This captivating slot ingeniously replicates the card-folding mechanism seen in the popular Blizzard’s creation, paired harmoniously with a familiar auditory experience, to engage both Hearthstone enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Standing tall with a flawless score of 10/10 for its top-tier visuals and auditory feast, the game masterfully transcends expectations.

Yet, a discerning eye would find the math model slightly lacking, unable to match the high bar set by its artistic facet. Despite the high volatility, the maximum win rests at a humble 999x the bet, posing a glaring contrast to the exhilarating gameplay. The game teeters on the brutal edge of variance, with rewards playing hard to get, unfolding at a modest rate of 12.28%, roughly translating to a win in every 10 spins. However, it redeems itself with an above-average RTP of 96.23%, promising a fair playground for enthusiasts.

Set against a classic 3×3 reel backdrop, the slot offers a mere five play ways each spin, canvassed with eight distinctive symbols encompassing lower-value card ranks and higher tier character icons; an enchantress, a knight, and an orc warrior, offering payouts ranging from 1x to a whopping 60x the bet for a trio of matching symbols.

Dive into this world of «Luck & Magic,» where every spin is a thrilling journey laden with prospects, albeit sprinkled with bouts of fierce variance, offering a delightful playground for both veterans and novices in the slot gaming sphere.

Luck & Magic Slot Features

In the Luck & Magic slot game, players encounter a generous wizard character who introduces a promising bonus game triggered by landing three of his symbols on the reels.

The highlight is the bonus game, where players choose from five concealed cards to reveal a bet multiplier that could reach up to 999x. Despite the rarity of triggering this naturally, a Buy Feature allows instant access to the bonus round for 80x the total bet, albeit at a slightly reduced RTP of 95.99%.

This slot adventure, rich in fantasy and opportunity, couples simplicity with grand rewards, offering a magical, yet intuitive gaming experience where huge wins are always on the horizon.

Review Summary

Simple yet far from dull, Bgaming’s Luck & Magic slot stands as a testament to the fact that basic can indeed be delightful. The game, steeped in a high-quality fantasy theme, offers an unmissable experience especially for enthusiasts of the genre. Despite its straightforward approach, it promises players an entertaining session, making every spin a journey into a world of magic and surprises. It’s a must-try for players drawn to enchanting themes paired with uncomplicated gameplay.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Game

  • Exceptional fantasy theme
  • Simple relaxing gameplay
  • Exciting pick bonus
  • Brutal math

BC.Game Casino questions and answers (FAQ)

What is the special feature of the Luck & Magic slot's gameplay?
The unique element in the Luck & Magic slot is the Bonus Game, where players are given the choice to pick one card from a selection of five face-down cards. This card can reveal a multiplier that boosts your bet up to 999x.
Is there an option to access the bonus round directly in the Luck & Magic slot?
Yes, players can instantly access the bonus round through the Buy Feature, which costs 80x the total bet. However, utilizing this feature slightly lowers the RTP to 95.99%.
How does the bonus game in Luck & Magic slot work?
Once you land three old wizard symbols on the reels, the bonus game is triggered. In this round, you have to pick one card from a set of five face-down cards to reveal a bet multiplier which can be as high as 999x.
Can you mention the range of devices compatible with the Luck & Magic slot?
Absolutely, the game is optimized to run smoothly on a variety of devices including PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Whether you are using Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS, you can enjoy the Luck & Magic slot.
Where can players find trustworthy platforms to play the Luck & Magic slot with real money?
To find reliable platforms to play the Luck & Magic slot, check out the comprehensive casino list we have prepared for you. Make sure to avail of the welcome bonus to kick start your gaming session on a positive note.
How does the RTP rate change when using the Buy Feature in the Luck & Magic slot?
While the standard RTP for the Luck & Magic slot is a decent 96.23%, opting to use the Buy Feature reduces it slightly to 95.99%.
Is it possible to enjoy the Luck & Magic slot without wagering real money?
Absolutely, you can enjoy the thrill of the Luck & Magic slot without wagering real money by playing its free demo version available at New-Casinos.
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