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Gigantoonz makes a grand entry into Play’n Go’s acclaimed Toonz series, bringing with it an exciting 8×8 grid slot boasting the trademark cascading wins engine. As players venture into this game, they will find themselves engrossed in charging the Quantumeter with each victorious symbol, unlocking a progression of three regular modifiers. The crescendo of the game unveils itself through the two-step fourth modifier, Gigantoon Mega Wilds, orchestrating opportunities for monumental winnings of up to 4,000 times your stake. Dive deeper into the captivating world of Gigantoonz through our extensive review available below the complimentary demo game.

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Gigantoonz Review

Gigantoonz arrives as a polished successor to the groundbreaking original Reactoonz, striving to stand tall in Play’n Go’s grid slot series, despite the prevailing allure of the first title.

Drawing on the signature look of its forebear, Gigantoonz introduces an expanded 8×8 grid and frequent 7×7 mega symbols, designed to captivate veteran fans. The Quantumeter benefits significantly from these large icons, unlocking three primary modifiers and paving the way for the dynamic Gigantoon Mega Wilds modifier, unfurling in two stages.

However, the game’s climax, offering up to a 4,000x payout, slightly dampens the excitement, trailing the potential wins of its predecessors. Gigantoonz banks on its streamlined gameplay and nostalgic visuals to carve a niche in a series celebrated for its innovation and complexity.

Gigantoonz Slot Features

In the Gigantoonz slot game, players encounter a grid bustling with one-eyed and two-eyed Toonz symbols, each rewarding different payouts when clustered in groups of 6 to over 30 on the 8×8 grid. Winning combinations vanish to be replaced by new or existing symbols through the Cascading Wins feature, a cycle that continues as long as wins occur.

Mega Symbols are central to the gameplay, appearing in sizes ranging from 2×2 to a grand 7×7, yet counting as a singular symbol in wins. Their ‘cluster value’ could reach up to 13, and upon removal, they either leave behind Quantum Wild symbols or transform into regular 1×1 symbols.

The Quantumeter, stationed on the right side, energizes with each winning symbol, with Mega Symbols offering higher charge values based on their cluster value. Achieving 100 charges unlocks a sequential series of four modifiers, each triggered at different charge thresholds and offering varied symbol transformations and additions to enhance winning opportunities.

The grand spectacle unfolds as the 3-eyed Gargantoon Wild awakens when the Quantumeter fills up. This event initiates a two-step process: first, mega symbols morph into gargantuan wilds, joined by additional 1×1 Gargantoon wilds, retaining their position even when part of a win. In the next stage, these giants break down into 1×1 entities, joining the cascade cycle like regular symbols, adding a thrilling dimension to the cascading wins feature. This vibrant cycle of features keeps players engaged, anticipating the grand appearance of the Gargantoon Wild and the rich rewards it potentially brings.

Review Summary

In Play’n Go’s latest offering, Gigantoonz, the creators revisit the simplistic elegance that catapulted the original game to success, steering away from the complexity seen in recent installments. This version introduces mega symbols endowed with random cluster values, playing a pivotal role in energizing the Quantumeter. While usually players unlock the initial one or two modifiers, reaching closer to activating the Gigantoon Mega Wilds elevates the gameplay to a pulsating crescendo.

These regular modifiers are far from mere stepping stones; they have the prowess to sustain your winning momentum in cascading streaks, setting the stage potentially for the grand unveiling at a hundred charges. Despite a seemingly conservative potential win cap set at 4,000x, it should not be dismissed lightly given Play’n Go’s history of raising stakes in predecessors like Reactoonz 2.

Gigantoonz stands as a promising choice for the original’s enthusiasts, offering a refreshing yet familiar gameplay with a respectable max win probability standing at 1 in 4,850,000, serving both as a homage and a worthy continuation in the renowned series.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Game

  • Mega symbols up to 7×7 w/ up to 13 cluster value
  • Up to 10 Quantum Wilds at random losing spins
  • 4 Quantumeter modifiers from fully charged meter
  • 4,000x potential (hit rate: 1 in 4,850,000 spins)
  • Beware of adjustable RTP ranges

BC.Game Casino questions and answers (FAQ)

What sets the RTP of Gigantoonz apart from other slots?
The standout RTP of Gigantoonz is a noteworthy 96.25%, slightly higher than the industry average, providing players with an edge, complemented by adjustable RTP ranges to customize your gaming experience.
How does Gigantoonz fare on Play’n Go's volatility scale?
Gigantoonz takes it to the max, landing a perfect 10 out of 10 on Play’n Go's volatility meter, showcasing its high volatility nature and promising intense gaming sessions.
What's the ceiling for the winning potential in Gigantoonz?
While Gigantoonz offers an opportunity to secure a massive 4,000 times your initial bet as the highest reward, it stands as the series' most conservative offering in terms of payout potential.
Could you breakdown the Quantumeter's modification functionalities in Gigantoonz?
Absolutely, as you progress with 25, 50, 75, and finally 100 winning symbols in a cascading sequence, the Quantumeter activates various rounds of enhancements, including symbols removal and transformation, introducing mega symbols paired with quantum wilds, and culminating with the two-tiered Gargantoonz mega wilds modifier for an exhilarating gameplay experience.
Does Gigantoonz feature a free spins round to amplify the winnings?
No, Gigantoonz takes a different route, omitting a free spins round from its gameplay, focusing on other dynamic features to enhance the gaming experience.
Is there an option to try out Gigantoonz without any monetary commitments?
Yes, you have the freedom to explore the Gigantoonz slot at your leisure with the complimentary demo version accessible at the top of this page, allowing you to get a feel of the game without any financial obligations.
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