Video Poker Strategy: How to Improve Your Chances of Winning

Video poker is one of the few casino games that not only offer some of the highest odds of winning in casino gambling but also allow you to influence the outcome of the game, although luck still remains a dominant factor.

Popular for its slight casino edge and player interaction, video poker machines are highly competitive. The fact that you play against a machine rather than other players gives you an advantage.

Playing video poker is simple. While there are various versions, they all share a common trait: they are based on the simple mechanics of five-card draw poker.

Using a standard 52-card deck, after placing your bet and hitting the «Deal» button, the machine randomly deals you five cards. At this point, you need to choose which cards to keep and which to discard. To keep them, click on the images of the chosen cards on the screen.

After making your selection, press the «Draw» button to have the machine randomly replace the discarded cards. Your win in this exciting game is based on obtaining poker combinations such as a flush, straight, two pairs, or even a royal flush.

Always remember that the amount you win per hand depends on the value of your poker hand and the published payout table of the machine you are playing on. One of the most crucial things to know about how to beat video poker is to make a wise decision about which of the five cards to keep and which to discard. Remember, making the right decision from the start will give you more chances of winning, even perhaps the jackpot!

Your best chance to win at video poker requires a thorough understanding of video poker odds. This will help you employ the right video poker strategy and maximize your chances of hitting the jackpot!