Why Gamblers Love Gamification: 5 Key Reasons

Gamification has proven to be a powerful tool for enhancing customer service quality. In the iGaming industry, companies overseas utilize it to boost player engagement, loyalty, and retention. Here are five reasons why online casino players love gamification.

According to estimates, 70% of the top 2000 companies worldwide use gamification to some extent — a strategy that involves adding gaming elements to standard business features. However, in the online gambling industry, this figure increases to nearly 100%. How can you incorporate gamification into a business that is game-based? In iGaming, operators employ free spins, bonuses, badges, leaderboard positions, cashback, rewards, progression, personalization, and more.

  1. Personalization: Modern consumers desire a personalized experience. Integrating artificial intelligence can provide personalized game recommendations and individualized special offers. This allows players to feel like VIPs, appreciating that the casino caters to their preferences.
  2. Customization: Modern online casinos abroad provide players with the option to customize the casino interface that greets them upon logging in. This level of customization gives players more control and makes them feel at home. Players can even create their own avatars.
  3. Motivation: Free spins, bonuses, cashback, special promotions, loyalty programs, leveling up, earning badges — all these elements serve as powerful motivators for players. Why is this? They give players a sense of joy, accomplishment, and understanding of their significance. These positive emotions keep them coming back to the casino.
  4. Socialization: Foreign online casinos can serve as platforms for creating and developing communities. Players can compete with each other and discuss games through special chats, forums, and other interactive features. This year at the SBC Summit Barcelona, Slotegrator introduced a solution — a multiplayer chat that players can open on any of the online casino’s front pages to communicate with other players. This effective player retention tool provides opportunities for networking and community building.
  5. Competition: Every game involves a competitive element. Players hone their skills, win in tournaments, participate in competitions, and track their progress. Additionally, players can compete with themselves.