15 Coins Slot by Wazdan

Embark on a thrilling jackpot adventure with Wazdan’s 15 Coins™ slot. This Hold the Jackpot game unfolds on a classic 5×3 grid where the main objective is to fill the central row, unlocking the coveted Hold the Jackpot Bonus. The bonus round introduces jackpot symbols, accumulators, and the excitement of mystery and mystery jackpot symbols. The pinnacle of anticipation awaits as you strive to complete the entire grid, triggering the impressive 1,000x Grand Jackpot – the ultimate prize in 15 Coins™. Immerse yourself in the action, explore the dynamic features, and aim for the grand win that awaits in this captivating jackpot slot.

15 Coins
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15 Coins Review

In the dynamic realm of slot series, Wazdan’s Coins collection strikes a unique balance. With 15 Coins™, the series takes a step forward, maintaining the essence of its predecessor, 12 Coins™, while expanding the grid from 4×3 to a more extensive 5×3 layout. The visual continuity creates a familiar atmosphere, and the features largely echo its forerunner.

Standing out in a sea of slots where base game wins are elusive, 15 Coins™ introduces the innovative Chance Level ante bet feature. Offering three distinct options, this feature elevates your Hold the Jackpot Bonus chances by up to 5x. As with its predecessors, players can customize their gaming experience by selecting the preferred pace and volatility from three available settings.

The heart of the excitement lies within the Hold the Jackpot feature, adorned with an array of special symbols that promise substantial rewards. Your quest for greatness unfolds as you aim to fill the grid, breaching the impressive 1,000x potential in this exhilarating addition to the Coins series. Explore the seamless blend of familiarity and innovation, and uncover the jackpot thrills in 15 Coins™.

15 Coins™ Slot Features

In the intriguing realm of 15 Coins™, the Chance Level ante bet feature emerges as a pivotal player. While initially deactivated, players can dynamically activate it between base game spins, choosing from three settings. Invest 2x, 3x, or 5x your stake to elevate your Hold the Jackpot Bonus chances by a corresponding 2x, 3x, or 5x. A strategic move that can potentially transform your gameplay.

Within the base game’s enigmatic landscape, where victories remain elusive, the Cash Infinity symbol emerges as a beacon of hope. This elusive symbol, carrying a cash prize ranging from 5x to 10x your stake, stands sticky on any position. However, its true magic unfolds when it graces the middle row, adding its prize to your overall win in the impending bonus round.

The Hold the Jackpot Bonus Round materializes when the middle row witnesses a harmonious dance of various bonus symbols. Those instrumental in triggering the round, along with any steadfast Cash to Infinity symbols, adopt a sticky persona on an otherwise cleared grid. Armed with 3 initial respins, each new bonus symbol further resets the tally, turning the feature into a gripping saga.

Navigating the bonus realm introduces an array of symbols, each carrying its own allure. Regular cash bonus symbols unveil prizes ranging from 1x to 5x your stake, while the Mini, Minor, and Major jackpot symbols boast bounties of 10x, 20x, and 50x your stake, respectively. The Accumulator Symbol adds an intriguing layer, collecting prize values and amplifying them with a multiplier ranging from x1 to x20.

Mystery Symbols, both regular and jackpot-laden, grace the feature, unveiling their secrets as the bonus unfolds. A Grand Jackpot awaits those who can fill all 15 positions with symbols, standing at an impressive 1,000x your stake. For those who fall short, the accumulated winnings find their way to your bankroll.

Venturing into the Bonus Buy menu, players in select jurisdictions are presented with five tantalizing options. From low to extreme volatility, each tier offers a distinctive blend of triggering cash coins, Cash to Infinity symbols, mystery symbols, and jackpot mysteries. A strategic doorway into heightened excitement and potential rewards in the captivating world of 15 Coins™.

Review Summary

Fresh off the heels of the memorable 12 Coins™, Wazdan introduces the next evolution in the Coins series with 15 Coins™. Building upon the foundation of its predecessor, this installment boasts an expanded 5×3 reel setup, adding an extra layer of anticipation to the gaming experience.

The journey began with the release of the 3-reel wonder, 9 Coins™, which has since seen various captivating editions. Wazdan’s apparent commitment to extending this series sparks curiosity about the potential future editions and the number of coins that may be in store for avid players.

For those familiar with the earlier release, 15 Coins™ delivers a sense of déjà vu, offering the same beloved features with an upgraded grid size and the innovative Chance Level system. This system adds a strategic dimension to the gameplay, promising a more engaging and thrilling adventure.

The increased grid size is a notable enhancement, rendering the previous installments seemingly obsolete. The introduction of the Chance Level system and a larger maximum win creates a dynamic experience that beckons both loyal fans and newcomers alike.

However, keen observers might note that the 1,000x potential, while respectable, falls slightly below the grandeur of the 9 Coins™ Grand Gold Edition, which flaunts a 1,500x stake win. With Wazdan’s penchant for offering multiple editions of each installment, players are left to ponder which version will emerge as the ultimate choice.

As Wazdan continues to weave its narrative in the Coins series, time will unveil the full extent of the developer’s creative tapestry, and players can eagerly anticipate what future editions may bring to the table. The journey of the coins is far from over, and enthusiasts can only wait in anticipation for the next intriguing chapter in the evolving saga.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Game

  • Choose volatility and pace from 3 settings
  • Choose between 3 different ante bet levels
  • Hold the Jackpot feature w/ modifier symbols
  • Fill the grid in the feature to win 1,000x
  • No base game winnings
  • Very similar to 12 Coins™

BC.Game Casino questions and answers (FAQ)

Is 15 Coins™ just an expanded version of the previous games in the series, or does it bring new features to the table?
While 15 Coins™ retains the core elements of the Coins series, such as the Hold the Jackpot Bonus and the Chance Level system, it introduces a larger 5x3 reel setup, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. The Chance Level system is a new feature that allows players to strategically enhance their chances of triggering the bonus round.
What is the significance of the Chance Level system in 15 Coins™?
The Chance Level system in 15 Coins™ is an innovative ante bet feature that provides players with three options to increase their chances of triggering the Hold the Jackpot Bonus. By paying 2x, 3x, or 5x their stake, players can boost their odds by 2x, 3x, or 5x, respectively, creating a dynamic element of choice and strategy in the gaming experience.
Can you win anything in the base game of 15 Coins™?
No, in 15 Coins™, you cannot secure winnings in the base game outside of triggering the Hold the Jackpot Bonus. The focus of the base game is to set the stage for the exciting bonus rounds, heightening the anticipation and creating a thrilling atmosphere as players aim to fill the middle row with bonus symbols.
How does the Hold the Jackpot Bonus work in 15 Coins™, and what symbols are involved?
To activate the Hold the Jackpot Bonus in 15 Coins™, players must fill the middle row with a combination of bonus symbols. The feature includes regular cash bonus symbols, Mini, Minor, and Major jackpot symbols, as well as the Accumulator Symbol. The Accumulator Symbol collects all prize values from cash and Cash Infinity symbols and applies a random multiplier between x1 and x20.
Is there a Bonus Buy option available in 15 Coins™, and what does it offer?
Yes, 15 Coins™ features a Bonus Buy menu with five distinct options catering to different player preferences. These options range from low to double extreme volatility, each with varying triggering conditions and prices. Players can choose a Bonus Buy option that aligns with their preferred level of risk and excitement, enhancing the flexibility of their gaming experience.
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