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Embark on a mythic Norse adventure with Viking Runecraft, a visually stunning slot by Play’n GO. Encounter powerful gods and mythical creatures as you progress through levels, each bringing unique features to the cascading symbol grid. Unleash divine powers with the Charge of Destruction and reach higher levels for epic rewards in the Ragnarok feature. Viking Runecraft is more than a slot; it’s a dynamic journey into Norse mythology, offering captivating gameplay and legendary tales on the reels.

Viking Runecraft
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Viking Runecraft Review

Feel the strength of Norse mythology in Play’n GO’s Viking Runecraft, a robust slot launched on April 27, 2017. This masculine adventure places you alongside a Norse god, ready to transform non-winning spins into victories with wild magic.

Played on a 7×7 grid, the game rewards combinations of 5+ matching symbols in various formations. Switch between 4 gods by landing specific winning patterns matching their background. Bets range from 10p to £100, playable on all devices.

The cascading win feature activates a bonus meter, accumulating with consecutive wins to trigger exciting bonus features. The highlight is the elusive Rägnarok feature, offering a multiplier boost up to 15x and unleashing all 4 bonus features in succession. While it may not signal the «end of the world,» it could spell the end of financial woes with a win potential of up to 5,000 times your stake. Brace yourself for the power of Viking Runecraft.

What symbols are there?

In the realm of Viking Runecraft, the strength of four mighty Norse gods guides your journey. Encounter their potent equipment on the reels, with high-value symbols representing Thor’s Hammer, Odin’s Helmet, Heimdal’s Axe, and Freya’s Necklace. Complementing these powerful artifacts, discover runes as lower-value symbols.

The paytable unfolds with impressive rewards:

In Viking Runecraft, the gods’ artifacts and ancient runes pave the way for thrilling wins and a journey steeped in Norse mythology.

What are the bonus features?

In Viking Runecraft, winning takes a new form as symbols connect horizontally, vertically, or in a cluster of at least 5. The cascade of symbols continues, forming winning connections and fueling the bonus meter to the left of the reels. Once full, prepare for the Charge of Destruction bonus features:

  1. Fury of Fenrir: 2 diagonal lines are removed, and 2 diagonal lines transform into identical symbols.
  2. Judgement of Jörmungand: An unbroken chain of symbols is destroyed, replaced by a random matching symbol.
  3. Scorching of Surtr: 3 symbols ignite, spreading fire and destroying a random number of symbols. New matching symbols emerge from the ashes.
  4. Lure of Loki: All instances of 1 random symbol are removed, while all instances of another random symbol transform into a new symbol.

Choose your starting god from Thor, Odin, Freya, or Heimdal, each offering unique reel modifiers on non-winning spins. The god changes when their background pattern is covered by a winning combo, unlocking powerful abilities like turning symbols into wilds, forming wild pairs, creating wild clusters, or providing seven wilds, one for each row. Viking Runecraft brings divine intervention to every spin, promising an epic Norse adventure.

Free spins in Viking Runecraft

Unlock the legendary Ragnarök feature in Viking Runecraft by double charging the bonus meter or achieving two consecutive charges. This grants you a single free spin, replacing the bonus meter with a Ragnarök meter. The multiplier, ranging from 2x to an astonishing 15x, is determined by the number of consecutive wins on your spin.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. As the Ragnarök feature concludes, brace yourself for a cascade of rewards. Immediately following, you’ll experience each of the four Charge of Destruction features in succession, ensuring an uninterrupted journey filled with divine power and limitless possibilities. Viking Runecraft takes you on an epic adventure, where each spin brings the promise of extraordinary rewards.

What is the jackpot (max win)?

While Viking Runecraft doesn’t feature a jackpot, the potential for triumph is immense. With a maximum win of up to 5,000 times your stake, the possibilities are extraordinary. Seize the opportunity to claim a solid potential win of £500,000, showcasing the game’s prowess even in the realm of high volatility. In Viking Runecraft, the pursuit of epic wins awaits, promising a thrilling Norse adventure.

Where can I play Viking Runecraft?

Embark on the Viking Runecraft adventure at one of the listed casinos for a chance to play for real money. Prefer testing the waters first? Fear not, as you can effortlessly experience the demo for free right here at New-Casinos.

Whether on mobile or tablet, Play’n Go ensures seamless gameplay across all platforms. Optimize your gaming experience on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, and let the gods accompany you on every spin. Who knows, a thunderous win might strike unexpectedly, just like lightning from a clear, blue sky.

Review Summary

Experience the might of the Norse gods in Viking Runecraft, where the gameplay is an exhilarating journey adorned with impressive features. The synergy of cascading reels and the bonus meter creates a clever and engaging combination. With its massive potential, this game promises enduring excitement that will captivate your interest for an extended adventure. Brace yourself for a powerful experience as Viking Runecraft unveils the extraordinary realm of Norse mythology.

Pros And Cons Of Viking Runecraft Online Slot

  • Impressive and powerful gameplay
  • Tons of fun and rewarding features
  • Highly volatile with a 5,000x potential
  • Not for those who prefer it simple and easygoing
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