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Dive into the eerie nostalgia of The Wild Class, Play’n Go’s 80s high school horror slot on a 5×3 reel with 20 paylines. Stacked character symbols crank up the win multiplier to a hair-raising x6 on a full screen, a boost that persists in the Blood Moon bonus round. In this round, watch as up to three characters transform into stacked werewolf wilds, offering the chance to win up to 6,666x your stake. It’s a compact yet intense journey through the chilling corridors of high school horrors and werewolf wonders.

The Wild Class
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The Wild Class Review

Embark on a nostalgic journey to the 80s with Play’n Go’s The Wild Class, a slot that immerses you in the year 1983. The storyline unfolds with three senior undergrads, Jess, Mike, and Chris, harboring a mysterious secret. In the bonus round, these characters undergo a spine-tingling transformation into fully stacked werewolf wilds, with up to three of them embracing their supernatural alter egos.

Against the backdrop of an eerily quiet fairground and a low-hanging full moon over the rollercoaster, the 5×3 grid sets the stage for this thrilling adventure. The cheerleader, sports jock, and geek symbolize the high school hierarchy, landing fully stacked and triggering a multiplier increase per character symbol (or wild) fully in view.

As the bonus round unfolds, the ‘teenage werewolf factor’ intensifies, especially if you succeed in turning all three characters into stacked werewolf wilds. While the mathematical model aligns with the developer’s typical style, the potential win reaches a hair-raising 6,666x, subtly adjusted to complement the horror theme. Brace yourself for a chilling yet exhilarating experience as high school memories and werewolf wonders collide in The Wild Class.

The Wild Class Slot Features

Meet the trio of stacked character symbols, Mike, Chris, and Jess, standing as imposing 1×3 premiums that can gracefully cloak an entire reel. For the daring, these symbols promise a payout ranging from 6 to 10 times your stake for a formidable 5-in-a-row display. Adding to the excitement, wilds also appear in stacked 1×3 form, offering a substantial 15 times your stake for a full lineup of five.

A lunar spectacle unfolds as stacked symbols land fully in view, with the multiplier displayed against the haunting backdrop of a full moon ascending by +1. This multiplier, a guardian of fortunes, applies to any subsequent wins, though it resets between each base game spin. The pinnacle of this moonlit dance arrives when the reels unveil a screen adorned with stacked wilds, triggering a formidable x6 multiplier, culminating in an exhilarating 1,800 times your stake. The esteemed cheerleader, Jess, commands a payout of 1,200 times your stake for a spectacular 5-of-a-kind showcase.

The elusive scatter symbol, capable of materializing anywhere on the reels, holds the key to the Blood Moon Spins round. A trio of scatters or more activates 7 free spins, yet it’s not just about the quantity. The number of triggering scatters determines the tier of transformation during the feature—Fury, Carnage, or the ultimate Rampage.

The metamorphosis unfolds randomly if not all three characters transform simultaneously. Importantly, any accrued base game win multiplier persists into the bonus round, refusing to bow to the passage of spins. The multiplier’s tenacity is further emphasized by its refusal to reset between free spins. Adding a dash of suspense, each scatter awards an additional spin, potentially extending the werewolf-infused revelry to a maximum of 30 spins. In this moonlit spectacle, every spin tells a tale of transformations, multipliers, and the allure of untamed wins.

Review Summary

Immerse yourself in the 80s high school horror nostalgia with The Wild Class, where Play’n Go has masterfully captured the eerie vibe, even within the constraints of a tight schedule. While the game’s potential for further development is evident, the current rendition still delivers a satisfying dose of retro thrills. The features may not revolutionize the slot scene, but they certainly maintain a captivating allure.

The nocturnal fairground backdrop, complemented by a haunting soundtrack, creates an atmospheric blend that resonates with the horror theme. Stacked multiplier wins, emerging sporadically, prove more than mere bankroll top-ups, adding a layer of excitement to each spin. The real crescendo, however, unfolds in the bonus round, where the multiplier persists between spins, and the tantalizing 6,666x win cap beckons, propelled by the presence of up to three stacked werewolf wilds. In this nocturnal escapade, Play’n Go invites you to relive the thrill of high school horrors with a promise of substantial wins lurking in the moonlit shadows.

Pros And Cons Of Wild Class Online Slot

  • Stacked symbols increase multiplier
  • FS w/ up to 3 extra stacked wilds
  • Multiplier does not reset in the bonus round
  • Win up to 6,666x your stake
  • Beware of adjustable RTP ranges

BC.Game Casino questions and answers (FAQ)

What is The Wild Class's RTP?
The return to players stands at 96.20%, slightly surpassing the average. However, it's worth noting that operators have the flexibility to adjust it downward within the customizable RTP ranges.
How volatile is The Wild Class?
The game is classified as highly volatile, earning a robust 8 out of 10 on Play’n Go’s volatility scale.
What is the maximum potential win?
The bonus round offers the chance to win up to 6,666 times your stake, with odds of achieving the maximum win set at 1 in 100 million.
How does the Full Moon Multiplier feature function?
Every fully stacked character or wild symbol landing in view increases the multiplier by +1, capping at x6 in the base game.
Is there a free spins mode in The Wild Class?
Indeed, you receive 7 free spins initially, and the quantity of triggering scatters determines how many of the three character symbols transform into stacked werewolf wilds. Notably, the base game multiplier persists into the bonus round without resetting.
Can I play The Wild Class Slot for free?
Certainly, you can explore the free The Wild Class demo game conveniently located at the top of this page.
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