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Indulge your sweet tooth in Play’n Go’s volatile candy-themed sequel, Sweet Alchemy 2. This delightful slot unfolds on a 5×5 cluster pays grid, with the potential to expand to 9×9 by removing blocker tiles. To aid your confectionery quest, two special wilds step in. Clearing the grid unlocks the bonus round, featuring three tiers of larger symbols and the chance for a post-bonus multiplier wheel. With a maximum win of 10,000x your stake, Sweet Alchemy 2 promises a delectable blend of volatility and sweetness. Explore the full review beneath the free demo game to savor every aspect of this sugary adventure.

Sweet Alchemy 2
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Sweet Alchemy 2 Review

In the realm of online slots, sequels often outshine their predecessors—a unique trend compared to books and movies. With Sweet Alchemy 2, Play’n Go seizes the opportunity to enhance and expand the candy-filled universe. The sequel boasts a captivating candyland theme, featuring a gingerbread castle atop a floating island and a supportive female Alchemist accompanying your journey.

As you cascade through wins, removing chocolate blocker tiles, special wilds come to your aid. Clearing the grid unlocks the bonus round, introducing upgradeable mega symbols and the chance to activate a post-bonus multiplier wheel. With a substantial 10,000x potential, Sweet Alchemy 2 serves up a larger-than-life experience, surpassing its already delightful predecessor.

Sweet Alchemy 2 Slot Features

Embark on a sugar-coated journey within the 5×5 gaming grid of Sweet Alchemy 2, surrounded by tempting chocolate blockers. As you match clusters of 4 to 20+ symbols, these delectable winning combinations eliminate corresponding blocker tiles, paving the way for a potential 9×9 expanded grid. Each winning cluster, particularly those comprising 20+ symbols, offers rewards ranging from 50 to 250 times your stake.

The gameplay takes a delightful turn with two types of Wilds:

To trigger the Bonus Round, expertly clear all chocolate blockers in a cascading sequence, granting you 4 free spins. During this round, 2×2-sized mega symbols emerge, and by eliminating more blockers, you can retrigger the feature, increasing the mega symbol’s size to 3×3 and eventually 4×4 for a second retrigger.

As you accumulate symbols in the bonus round, a meter on the side monitors your progress. Filling a symbol meter earns a potion bottle, unlocking a post-bonus round feature. The potion bottles grant spins on a multiplier wheel of fortune, offering multipliers of x2, x3, x5, x10, or x25 across five levels, enhancing your overall bonus round winnings. Sweet Alchemy 2 seamlessly blends engaging gameplay with a sweet tooth’s delight!

Review Summary

Experience the sheer satisfaction of demolishing blocker tiles in cascading sequences in Sweet Alchemy 2’s enticing gameplay. While the extended cascades are rewarding, the anticipation of reaching the bonus round can be equally frustrating. The inclusion of two dynamic wilds provides occasional assistance, with decent base game payouts adding to the excitement.

However, the true magic unfolds within the bonus round, where the animated commentary from the alchemist can verge on being a tad repetitive. Despite the engaging base game, the real thrill is reserved for the bonus round, reminiscent of the original’s 9×9 grid but now in a grander and more audacious form. Acquiring enough winning symbols for potion bottles proves pivotal, although the initial 4 free spins can make the feature feel fleeting.

Sweet Alchemy 2 emerges as a larger and more daring sequel, boasting a remarkable 10,000x potential, a substantial upgrade from its predecessor’s 3,000x. The game caters to aficionados of candyland grid slots, promising an enjoyable adventure with the prospect of multiplier-enhanced wins in the offing.

Pros And Cons Of Sweet Alchemy 2 Online Slot

  • Cluster wins remove blocker tiles
  • 2 different special modifier wilds
  • FS w/ mega symbols in 3 tiers
  • Post FS multiplier wheel possibility
  • Win up to 10,000x your stake
  • Beware of adjustable RTP ranges

BC.Game Casino questions and answers (FAQ)

What is Sweet Alchemy 2's RTP?
The top-tier RTP for Sweet Alchemy 2 is 96.20%, slightly surpassing the average. However, market-dependent adjustments permit operators to set RTP values at 94.20%, 91.20%, 87.20%, or 84.20%.
How would you describe the volatility of Sweet Alchemy 2?
Sweet Alchemy 2 falls within the medium to high volatility range, leading to noticeable fluctuations in your bankroll during more extended gaming sessions.
What is the maximum potential win in Sweet Alchemy 2?
The highest achievable win in Sweet Alchemy 2 reaches an impressive 10,000x your stake, a substantial increase compared to the original game.
How do the special Wilds function in Sweet Alchemy 2?
Striped wilds swiftly eliminate all symbols within the same row and column when contributing to a winning combination. Meanwhile, Gobstopper wilds possess up to 5 lives, ensuring they remain active for a maximum of 5 spins.
Does Sweet Alchemy 2 offer a free spins feature?
Yes, the game provides 4 initial free spins, with the opportunity for retriggers by clearing all blocker tiles. This can occur up to 3 times, progressively enlarging mega symbols from 2x2 to 3x3 and eventually 4x4. The bonus round also involves collecting specific winning symbols, granting access to spins on a total win multiplier wheel.
How many winning ways are present in Sweet Alchemy 2?
Sweet Alchemy 2 utilizes a cluster pay system, requiring 4 to 20+ matching symbols to form a cluster anywhere on the grid. Consequently, the game does not adhere to a traditional win ways structure.
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