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Welcome to the wild and electrifying world of Ozzy Osbourne, where legendary rock music meets thrilling slot gameplay. Developed by NetEnt, this branded slot immerses players in the iconic universe of the Prince of Darkness himself. With authentic music setting the stage and a host of exciting features, get ready to unleash your inner rockstar and experience the madness of Ozzy Osbourne like never before.

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Ozzy Osbourne Review

Get ready to rock out with Ozzy Osbourne in this electrifying branded slot from NetEnt, featuring authentic music from the legendary rocker himself. Known for his groundbreaking contributions to hard rock music and his infamous on-stage antics, including biting the head off a bat, Ozzy Osbourne’s larger-than-life persona comes to life in this thrilling game.

Set across 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines, players can unleash the madness with bets up to £100 per spin on any device. The Symbol Charge feature adds an extra layer of excitement, randomly selecting a symbol with one of four features applying on a Re-spin. Additionally, triggering the free spins feature ensures the Symbol Charge feature activates on every spin.

For an even wilder ride, activate the Bonus Bet feature to increase your chances of triggering bonus features, boost your multipliers, and snag an extra free spin. So, are you ready to channel your inner rockstar and experience the chaos of Ozzy Osbourne’s world?

What symbols are there?

In the Ozzy Osbourne slot, players encounter a lineup of high-octane symbols starring the iconic rocker himself. At the top of the hierarchy is the legendary image of Ozzy biting the head of a bat, unleashing a payout of 50 times your stake for those daring enough to land it. Alongside this rock ‘n’ roll royalty are four other high-value symbols, each embodying the essence of Ozzy’s rebellious spirit. Prepare to encounter a rose, crucifix, skull, and raven, replacing the mundane card suit symbols typically found in slots. With the paytable readily accessible in-game, players can dive headfirst into the electrifying world of Ozzy Osbourne, where every spin holds the promise of rock-infused rewards.

What are the bonus features?

Before diving into the exhilarating world of Ozzy Osbourne’s slot, players face a pivotal decision: to engage the Bonus Bet option or not. Doubling the cost per spin, this option amplifies the frequency of bonus feature triggers and enhances multiplier values. Plus, opting for the Bonus Bet treats players to an extra free spin, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Once the reels are set in motion, landing two scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 sets off the Re-spin feature, simultaneously activating the Charge Up feature. As the Symbol Spinner box appears in the upper left corner, players eagerly anticipate the selection of a symbol for a thrilling re-spin. Should the Symbol Spinner box reveal a scatter symbol, the infamous Bat head emerges, signaling the onset of the coveted free spins feature.

Amidst the anticipation of free spins, players encounter yet another enticing feature: the Symbol Charge Up. This pivotal element unleashes a series of benefits, including Coin Wins, Symbol Multipliers, Wild transformations, and symbol Upgrades. With the potential for lucrative rewards and thrilling gameplay enhancements, the Symbol Charge Up feature adds an extra dimension of excitement to the Ozzy Osbourne slot adventure.

Free spins in Ozzy Osbourne

In the adrenaline-fueled realm of the Ozzy Osbourne slot, triggering the free spins feature ignites a frenzy of excitement in two distinct ways. Whether by landing three scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 in a single spin or through the fortuitous emergence of two scatters during the Re-spin feature, players unlock the gateway to boundless rewards and electrifying gameplay.

With the Bonus Bet activated, players are treated to a generous allocation of 5 free spins, while those opting out receive a still-thrilling 4 spins to revel in. Yet, regardless of the chosen path, the Symbol Charge Up feature remains a constant companion throughout the free spins round. As the Symbol Spinner determines the chosen symbol and the Feature Spinner selects the accompanying enhancement, players brace themselves for a whirlwind of possibilities.

In the midst of the action, should the Symbol Spinner unveil a scatter symbol, players are gifted an additional free spin, with the potential to accumulate up to 7 extra spins in total. With each spin teeming with the promise of wild transformations, symbol upgrades, and multiplier boosts, the free spins feature in the Ozzy Osbourne slot is a veritable playground of excitement and opportunity.

What is the jackpot (max win)?

According to NetEnt’s data sheet, the theoretical maximum win in this game is an astounding 10,000 times your stake. However, after conducting 9 billion test spins, this monumental win has yet to materialize. Realistically, players should anticipate wins of up to 2,500 times their stake, which still presents a respectable potential for a medium variance slot.

For those daring enough to play with the maximum stake of £100, the thrill intensifies with the possibility of winning up to £250,000 on a single spin. While the elusive 10,000 times stake win remains a tantalizing dream, the potential rewards of up to 2,500 times stake ensure an exciting and rewarding gaming experience.

Where can I play Ozzy Osbourne?

Ready to rock with Ozzy Osbourne for real money? Simply select one of the top-rated casinos from our comprehensive casino reviews and dive into the thrilling world.

Not quite ready to commit? No worries! You can experience all the excitement of Ozzy Osbourne for free right here at New-Casinos.

And for those who prefer gaming on the go, fear not! Ozzy Osbourne slot is fully optimized for mobile play. Whether you’re wielding an Android, iPhone, or iPad, NetEnt Touch ensures seamless gameplay across all platforms. Just be sure to grab your best headphones to fully immerse yourself in the legendary soundtrack while you rock out on the move.

Review Summary

Ozzy Osbourne’s arrival in the world of online slots has been long anticipated by many, yet some may find it falls short of capturing the true essence of the legendary rock icon. While the soundtrack boasts authentic tunes from Ozzy himself, delivering a nostalgic blast from the past, the overall gameplay may leave fans craving a bit more of the chaos and unpredictability synonymous with the Prince of Darkness.

Despite the electrifying music, the game’s subdued potential for big wins and unconventional bonus features may leave players feeling underwhelmed and longing for more excitement. While Ozzy aficionados will likely appreciate the homage, those unfamiliar with his music may find little to captivate them in this offering.

In essence, Ozzy Osbourne slot is a solid addition to the collection for die-hard fans, but may not offer enough to entice those outside of the Ozzyverse.

Pros And Cons Of Ozzy Osbourne Online Slot

  • 2 scatter Re-spin feature
  • Symbol Charge feature
  • Free spins with Symbol Charge feature on every spin
  • Great Ozzy soundtrack
  • Max win is realistically “only” 2,500x your stake