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Moon Princess is a captivating slot game developed by Play’n GO, featuring a unique twist on the traditional slot setup. Set against a celestial backdrop, this anime-inspired slot introduces players to three powerful princesses: Love, Star, and Storm. Unlike conventional slots, Moon Princess employs a 5×5 grid where wins are achieved by landing three or more matching symbols vertically or horizontally. The game boasts a thrilling Girl Power feature, where each princess unleashes her magical abilities to enhance wins. With its enchanting theme, innovative gameplay, and potential for significant payouts, Moon Princess stands out as a delightful and entertaining slot adventure.

Moon Princess
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Moon Princess Review

Moon Princess, introduced by Play’n GO on July 27, 2017, is a dynamic and anime-inspired slot. Drawing inspiration from the beloved Sailor Moon anime series, the game unfolds on a 5×5 grid with cascading symbols. Three charming princesses, each possessing unique superpowers, accompany players on their quest for significant wins. While the free spins feature may pose a challenge to trigger, its rewards are well worth the effort. With high volatility and the potential to win up to 5000x your stake, Moon Princess offers an engaging and rewarding gaming experience.

Moon Princess RTP, variance & technical data

Moon Princess, an extraordinary slot teeming with thrilling bonus features, offers a blend of enchanting aesthetics and compelling gameplay. Here’s a quick overview of its key technical details:

With an RTP slightly above the industry average, Moon Princess stands out as a high-volatility slot, promising substantial payouts amid bankroll fluctuations. Inspired by the iconic manga series Sailor Moon, the game boasts a distinctive 5×5 grid adorned with adorable anime characters and cascading symbols. Despite its charming appearance, Moon Princess is a high-stakes game, offering the potential to win up to 5000 times your stake.

The three princesses—Love, Star, and Storm—serve as symbols on the reels and take turns assisting players beside the reels. Achieving at least 3 symbols on a payline triggers wins, clearing space for new symbols to cascade from above. Notably, the middle symbol in a winning combination transforms into a Moon Wild, with a progressive multiplier escalating with each consecutive win, reaching up to 20x.

Moon Princess pays homage to the timeless manga series Sailor Moon, celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2017, coinciding with the game’s launch. Despite its apparent “pretty in pink” charm, Moon Princess remains a highly volatile game, providing a captivating experience for players. The inclusion of a free spins feature, tailored to each princess’s superpower, adds depth to the gameplay. Additionally, each princess can randomly employ her superpower, turning non-winning spins into potential victories. Moon Princess is a feature-rich slot that, beyond its initial impression, captivates players, especially those with an affinity for Japanese culture, anime, and manga.

Moon Princess bonus features

Girl Power Feature

In Moon Princess, the Girl Power feature adds an extra layer of excitement to non-winning spins. Each of the three princesses contributes a unique power to assist players. The girl positioned next to the reels will use her power, and after its magical effect, she is replaced by one of the other two girls. Here are the distinctive powers:

Princess Trinity Bonus Feature

The Princess Trinity Bonus feature activates when the on-screen meter is filled, accumulating with each winning combo involving a princess symbol. Players receive one free spin, and the three princesses take turns using their powers to facilitate consecutive wins.

Moon Princess Free Spins

Triggering the free spins feature in Moon Princess is a challenge, but the rewards are worth the effort. Clearing the reels entirely is the key to activation. Once achieved, players choose one of the girl’s superpowers to accompany them into the free spins feature, with the number of free spins contingent on the selection:

During the free spins, the chosen superpower activates on every non-winning spin. A multiplier, accumulating without reset, can reach up to 20x. Charging the meter may grant extra free spins, up to a maximum of 20. Clearing the reels in the free spins feature rewards a bonus of 200x the stake.

Moon Princess Jackpot (Max Win)

While Moon Princess lacks a progressive jackpot, the game offers substantial wins with its high variance. Players can achieve a maximum win of up to 5000 times their stake, translating to a significant 500,000-coin jackpot.

Moon Princess mobile & tablet

Moon Princess seamlessly extends its enchanting gameplay to mobile and tablet devices, ensuring an exceptional gaming experience on the go. Whether you’re using an Android device or an iPhone and iPad, the game’s visuals and features shine brightly on the smaller screen. Enjoy the magic of Moon Princess wherever you wander, with the flexibility to indulge in thrilling spins at your convenience.

Review Summary

Moon Princess slot stands as a splendid homage to the anime classic, Sailor Moon, delivering a captivating experience for fans and players alike. With a plethora of engaging features, it might appear overwhelming on paper, but fear not – the magic unfolds seamlessly as you embark on your gameplay journey.

Beneath the surface of its enchanting aesthetics, Moon Princess reveals a game of substantial depth. Sporting a maximum volatility score of 10 out of 10, this slot is far from child’s play. Packed with entertaining bonus features and the potential for a remarkable 5000x max win, Moon Princess caters not only to anime enthusiasts but also to high rollers seeking an exhilarating adventure. Dive into the enchanting world of Moon Princess and discover the magic that lies within its reels.

Pros And Cons Of Moon Princess Online Slot

  • Packed with bonus features and cuteness
  • Very high volatility (10 out of 10)
  • High max win of 5000x your stake
  • Higher than average RTP
  • Too “pretty in pink” for some
  • Too volatile for some
  • A bit hard to trigger the free spins feature
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