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Mega Moolah Slot Review

Mega Moolah slot isn’t just any regular online game – it’s a legend in the realm of progressive jackpots. This Microgaming masterpiece has turned ordinary players into millionaires, earning its title as one of the most transformative slots since its grand debut in November 2006. As the thrill of chasing that life-altering win ensnares players worldwide, it’s no wonder Mega Moolah has etched its name in history, holding the Guinness Record for the heftiest online jackpot ever grabbed. A fortunate British soldier experienced this rollercoaster of riches firsthand, pocketing a staggering £13.2 million in 2015. Affectionately called the “Millionaire Maker” across the gaming community, this slot might be awaiting its next millionaire. Could that be you?

Mega Moolah RTP, variance & technical data

Mega Moolah stands as a testament to the allure of progressive jackpots, uniting players across various casinos to collectively contribute towards its growing jackpot. While most online slots boast an RTP around the 96% mark, Mega Moolah humbles itself with an 88.12% RTP. The reason? A significant chunk is set aside to nurture its four progressive jackpots, a hallmark of this game.

Despite the lowered RTP, its medium variance ensures you won’t endure long dry spells, granting steady wins along the journey. However, a word to the wise: unless the lure of the jackpots beckons you, playing a slot with a below-average RTP may not be the most strategic choice. Perhaps, bide your time until the jackpot swells, hinting at an imminent eruption.

Renowned as the “Millionaire Maker,” Mega Moolah faithfully churns out millionaires as consistently as a clock’s tick. For instance, in 2017, it generously rewarded players with 12 significant jackpots, smashing its previous record. The thrill of the chase revolves primarily around the coveted Mega Jackpot, though three other smaller jackpots – mini, minor, and major – add layers of excitement. Each jackpot kicks off from a seed level:

Embark on an unforgettable jungle escapade with Mega Moolah, where the allure of life-altering winnings acts as an irresistible magnet. For those brave enough to step into the bonus game arena, where mammoth jackpots await, you’ll find your pulse racing. Remember, fortune only favors the brave.

While the colossal jackpot remains its crown jewel, Mega Moolah dazzles with additional features:

Wild: The mighty lion serves as the wild, substituting all symbols save for the scatter, enhancing your chances.

Multiplier: Win with a wild? Enjoy doubled payouts! Meanwhile, free spins wins get a generous triple multiplier.

Free Spins: Triggered by landing 3 monkey scatters, you’re awarded 15 free spins. The cherry on top? A triple multiplier amplifies every win. Another trio of scatters during free spins grants you an additional 15 spins, paving the way for potential hefty wins.

How to play Mega Moolah slot

Diving into the Mega Moolah slot is akin to embarking on an African safari, with the elusive jackpot as the ultimate prize. However, understanding the game’s intricate interface can significantly enhance your playing experience. Let’s embark on a brief expedition of its features.

In the game’s interface, the unassuming hamburger menu in the bottom left corner is your gateway to important options. Clicking the gear icon unveils the game settings. Here, you have the power to mute the game, accelerate spins via quick spin (a highly recommended feature), and get acquainted with the Mini Paytables.

Feeling curious about the pay dynamics? The “i” or information icon is your go-to. It opens the door to the dynamic paytable, which adjusts based on your stake. When setting a £1 stake, the paytable showcases:

For those who are sticklers for detail, the “?” icon serves up an in-depth overview of the game’s rules and specs. Though it may not be the most riveting read, it’s essential for those aiming to master the game.

Before you unleash the reels, finalize your stake. Clicking the double coin stack icon lets you oscillate between a stake of 25p and £6.25. Rest assured, all 25 paylines are engaged in every spin. For those who prefer a hands-free approach, the “+” symbol atop the spin button initiates the autoplay, offering a choice between 10 and 100 automatic spins. A quick heads-up: there’s no provision to halt these spins under specific conditions, so spin wisely!

Where to play Mega Moolah online slot?

Embarking on the Mega Moolah journey, we’ve guided you step by step. Now, let’s navigate where to set your gaming compass. While Mega Moolah’s graphics may harken back to a previous era, its allure remains undiminished, largely because of its legendary jackpots. Due to its jackpot legacy, this slot is a mainstay at a myriad of online casinos. If you’re hesitant to dive right in, dip your toes in the demo version to get a feel for the game.

Play for real stakes

Mega Moolah is not for the faint-hearted or light-pocketed. Its lower RTP reflects the monumental jackpots it offers. If you’re eyeing the jackpot, strategy dictates waiting until it swells to a sizeable sum. To streamline your choice, we constantly sift through online casinos, presenting you with the cream of the crop. At the pinnacle of this page, you’ll find a curated list of casinos, complemented with bonuses tailor-made for Mega Moolah.

Experience the Mega Moolah demo

Positioned conveniently atop this review is the gateway to the Mega Moolah demo. While it provides a glimpse into the game’s universe, remember, it’s a mere window-shopping experience. Activating the spin button will remind you that the game’s progressive nature beckons real stakes. If curiosity has its grip on you, journey forth via the link and delve into the Mega Moolah demo. It’s the perfect preamble to the real adventure.

Mega Moolah jackpot (max win)

Mega Moolah’s magnetic pull isn’t just its vibrant jungle theme, but the roaring potential of its jackpots. At its core pulses the promise of four enticing jackpots, with the mega jackpot as the crowning jewel. While wagering higher amounts nudges the odds slightly in your favor, the tangible impact remains minimal.

To dance with the jackpots, keep an eye out for the coveted bonus game – a tantalizing twist of fate that can be activated any moment during the main game. When luck beckons, you’ll be ushered to the Jackpot Bonus Wheel of Fortune. A glance at the spinning wheel will reveal an abundance of Mini and Minor segments, making the elusive Major and Mega sections appear all the more coveted. The surge of adrenaline, the heart-racing moment when the wheel whirls, is an experience hard to put into words.

Each jackpot holds its unique charm. The Mini might range from £10 to £100, and the Minor oscillates between £100 and £1,000. The Major often tantalizes with prizes stretching into tens of thousands. But, the Mega – the crowning glory – starts at an astounding £1 million and has soared to an astonishing £13.2 million. It’s not just a game; it’s a dream waiting to be realized.

Mobile & tablet compatibility

Dive into the Mega Moolah experience from the palm of your hand! Whether you’re an Android enthusiast, an iPhone aficionado, or an iPad devotee, this game has been optimized to deliver seamless gameplay on your preferred mobile device. Thanks to the integration of cutting-edge HTML5 technology, the game not only loads at lightning speed but also ensures a smooth and intuitive touch experience. Whether you’re waiting in line or lounging at home, the Mega Moolah jackpots are just a tap away, anytime, anywhere.

Review Summary

The allure of Mega Moolah isn’t just in its whopping jackpots but also in its enigmatic aura. With every grand win, the game becomes more mythical, cementing its legacy in the annals of slot gaming. Microgaming’s masterpiece beckons players with its tantalizing unpredictability – you’re never truly aware if the next spin will be the one to change your life forever. It’s this blend of thrill and anticipation, seasoned with captivating gameplay, that makes Mega Moolah an enduring favorite. Each play, each spin, adds a drop to the ocean of hope, making players believe in the possibility of striking it big. The magnetic pull of potential fortune is strong, and as legends grow, so does the number of hopeful players. The game isn’t just about winning; it’s about the adventure, the mystery, and the everlasting hope.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Game

  • Biggest progressive jackpot online
  • 4 different progressive jackpots
  • Fun free spins bonus game
  • Medium variance
  • Low RTP

BC.Game Casino questions and answers (FAQ)

Is Mega Moolah mobile-friendly?
Absolutely, Mega Moolah is optimized for mobile play using HTML5 technology, making it accessible on any mobile device, whether it's Android, iPhone, or iPad.
Why is Mega Moolah's RTP lower than other slots?
Mega Moolah's RTP is lower because a portion of each bet contributes to the progressive jackpot pool. This results in its RTP being around 88.12%, compared to the standard range of 95-96% in most slots.
How often does the Mega Moolah jackpot trigger?
It's random, but historically, the jackpot has been known to trigger several times a year. However, predicting an exact frequency is impossible due to the game's inherent randomness.
Do I need to play the maximum bet to trigger the jackpot?
While playing with the maximum bet slightly increases your chances of triggering the jackpot wheel, you can still access it with smaller bets. However, a higher bet does offer a slight edge.
Are there any other features in Mega Moolah besides the jackpots?
Yes, besides the 4 progressive jackpots, the game also includes a Wild symbol, represented by the lion, and a Scatter symbol represented by the monkey, which can trigger free spins with a 3x multiplier.
How is Mega Moolah's performance in terms of graphics and theme?
Mega Moolah offers a fun and engaging jungle safari theme with cheerful animal characters. The graphics might seem a bit dated, especially compared to newer slots, but the gameplay remains timeless and attractive to many players.
Why is Mega Moolah so popular despite its lower RTP?
The allure of Mega Moolah comes mainly from its life-changing jackpots. The potential to win millions from a single spin keeps players coming back, even if the game's RTP is lower than average. The game's reputation for creating numerous millionaires over the years is a significant draw.