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Honey Rush 100, a Play’n Go slot, features a unique hexahedron 4-5-6-7-6-5-4 Cluster Pays grid. The Rush Meter, charged by winning symbols, guarantees a cluster win and can fill the grid. Wilds boost the win multiplier, while overcharging upgrades the winning cluster symbol. With a max win of 15,000x, this volatile bee-themed slot offers an exciting and innovative gaming experience. Explore the full review below or try the free demo game.

Honey Rush 100
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Honey Rush 100 Review

Play’n Go’s sequel, Honey Rush 100, builds on the success of the original Honey Rush while introducing exciting new elements. Set in a forest clearing with an enhanced visual design, the game retains the core concept of filling the Rush Meter with winning symbols. Notably, the meter can now be overcharged, upgrading the symbol for potential grid-filling clusters. Wilds contribute to a win multiplier, reaching up to x100. With an increased potential of 15,000x, Honey Rush 100 offers a superior and captivating gaming experience for both fans and newcomers.

Honey Rush 100 Slot Features

In Honey Rush 100, winning is achieved through clusters of 5 to 37 matching symbols anywhere on the grid. The Wild symbol aids in completing and enhancing clusters, and its capabilities expand in this version. Cascading mechanics remove winning symbols, allowing for indefinite winning streaks. The Rush Meter on the side accumulates removed symbols, unlocking various tiers of the Colony Feature upon reaching specific levels. Each level, from Drone Colony to Queen Colony, enhances the cloning process at the center of the grid, creating larger winning clusters. Sticky wilds play a significant role, dropping down and accumulating in a honey pot, boosting the win multiplier up to x100. Overcharging the meter upgrades the central symbol and increases the win multiplier further, providing an engaging and rewarding experience in Honey Rush 100.

Review Summary

In the sequel, Honey Rush 100, Play’n Go has not only enhanced the pace of the game but has also upgraded the visual backdrop to a captivating forest filled with dancing fireflies. The core objective remains to fill the Rush Meter for larger guaranteed cluster wins, yet Honey Rush 100 introduces improvements that elevate the overall gaming experience. Sticky wilds now drop and contribute to the win multiplier when reaching the bottom of the grid, with the potential to reach an impressive x100 multiplier. The pursuit is to fill the grid with the most upgraded symbol, boosting wins with this enhanced multiplier. With a significantly increased 15,000x potential, Honey Rush 100 stands out as a commendable sequel worth exploring.

Pros And Cons Of Honey Rush 100 Online Slot

  • Cascading wins w/ winning symbol collection
  • 3-tier Rush Meter unleashes Colony feature
  • Top-tier Queen Colony can award full-grid win
  • Wilds hitting the bottom add +1 to win multiplier
  • Overcharge upgrade the cloned winning symbol
  • Win up to 15,000x your stake
  • Beware of adjustable RTP ranges

BC.Game Casino questions and answers (FAQ)

What is the RTP of Honey Rush 100?
Honey Rush 100 boasts a top-tier RTP of 96.2%, slightly above the average. However, operators can customize the RTP through various settings to accommodate different ranges.
How volatile is Honey Rush 100?
This Play’n Go installment carries high volatility, resulting in anticipated fluctuations in your bankroll during extended gameplay sessions.
What is the biggest win possible?
Players can secure a maximum win of up to 15,000x their stake in Honey Rush 100, marking a substantial improvement from the original game.
How does the Rush Meter Colony Feature work in Honey Rush 100?
Triggered by accumulating 30, 60, or 90 winning symbols within the same cascading sequence, the Colony Feature is overcharged with collections exceeding 90. Each overcharge of 15 collections upgrades the cloned symbol, potentially resulting in a full-grid win.
Is there a multiplier system in Honey Rush 100?
Indeed, wilds landing at the grid's bottom add +1 to the win multiplier. Overcharging the Rush Meter contributes +3. After the Colony feature is unleashed, wilds add +2 or +3, depending on the level.
Is there a free spins mode in Honey Rush 100?
No, Honey Rush 100 doesn't include a traditional free spins mode. The game centers around the Rush Meter and the Colony feature.
How many winning ways are available?
Honey Rush 100 relies on landing 5 to 37 matching symbols in a cluster anywhere on the grid, foregoing traditional win ways.
Can I play Honey Rush 100 Slot for free?
Absolutely, you can explore the free demo of Honey Rush 100 at the top of this page.
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