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Golden Ticket 2, the thrilling sequel from Play’n Go, invites you to a 5×5 grid circus extravaganza. With vibrant graphics and lively animations, each spin unfolds a captivating spectacle featuring strongmen, jugglers, and ringmasters. The game introduces innovative features like Multiplier Wilds and the Win Spin Wheel for an exciting twist. With a perfect balance of medium volatility, Golden Ticket 2 caters to both seasoned players and newcomers. Explore the bonus rounds, unravel Free Spins, and revel in cascading wins for a chance at generous rewards. Join the circus-themed adventure, where every spin promises a golden spectacle of opportunities and dazzling wins!

Golden Ticket 2
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Golden Ticket 2 Review

In the trend of reviving classics, 2022 emerges as the year of remakes for various developers, breathing new life into their beloved yet slightly outdated games. Play’n Go joins the revival brigade, turning its attention to the iconic Golden Ticket slot. Originally released in 2014, Golden Ticket swiftly earned its place among Play’n Go’s hits, becoming a cherished gem in the developer’s portfolio.

The long-awaited sequel, Golden Ticket 2, promises a nostalgic journey while infusing fresh elements. Play’n Go masterfully retains the DNA of the original, preserving its core concept, yet elevates it with exciting features and a revamped design, enhancing its overall appeal.

This marks Play’n Go’s third remake this year, following the visually upgraded Blinged and the impressive Jolly Roger 2, which showcased the developer’s prowess. Golden Ticket 2 follows suit, leaving players eager to discover whether it leans towards a straightforward enhancement akin to Blinged or unveils a comprehensive upgrade, promising a new realm of entertainment to this beloved classic. The stage is set for a renewed spectacle, combining the charm of the past with the excitement of the future.

Golden Ticket 2 - Technical Info

In the realm of technical intricacies, Play’n Go adheres to the original concept while introducing subtle tweaks. The captivating action unfolds on a 5×5 grid, employing the Cluster Pays mechanic to enhance gameplay dynamics. The game’s RTP stands at a commendable 96.5%, surpassing the industry’s average of 96%. However, prospective players should note that Golden Ticket 2 embraces variable RTP values, contingent on the chosen operator. It’s advisable to peruse the in-game specifications before depositing, as certain operators may offer versions with 94.5% or 91.5% RTP.

Fueled by a high-volatility math model, rated 10 out of 10 by the developer, Golden Ticket 2 promises an exhilarating but challenging journey, where wins aren’t showered generously. Savvy players should adjust their bets judiciously to navigate the game’s volatility effectively.

Players can enter the spectacle with bets ranging from a modest $0.2 to a daring $100 per spin, providing a broad betting spectrum that caters to both high-rollers and risk-averse casual players. In typical Play’n Go fashion, the game adheres to a payout cap of 5,000x the bet, ensuring that even with the maximum bet set at $100 per spin, high-rollers can anticipate a substantial win capped at $500,000 on a single spin. It’s a strategic dance of wagers and wins, harmonizing risk and reward in the captivating Golden Ticket 2 adventure.

Golden Ticket 2 - Design and Symbols

Transport yourself to the dazzling world of the 1920s circus with Golden Ticket 2, where the reels unfurl beneath the grandeur of a big top. The visual symphony of this slot is a testament to Play’n Go’s dedication to aesthetic perfection. Immerse yourself in a visual feast boasting top-tier graphics and seamlessly animated performances, a true nod to the meticulous design team behind Golden Ticket 2.

As the reels spin, the main characters take center stage, delivering captivating acts to the right of the reels. Beyond their eccentric performances, these characters play a pivotal role in unlocking bonus features, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. Complementing this visual extravaganza is a vibrant soundtrack that encapsulates the carnival essence, creating an immersive atmosphere akin to attending a real-life circus show.

In the grand spectacle of Golden Ticket 2, the paytable showcases two categories of symbols—the characters and their props. Step into the spotlight with a female Ringmaster, a Knife-Thrower, and a Clown as the premium acts. On the lower side, discover their distinctive props, from the Ringmaster’s hat and whip to the Knife-Thrower’s knives and target, and the Clown’s juggling pins and unicycle. Wins are achieved with a minimum of 3 adjacent horizontally or vertically aligned symbols, with the highest rewards reserved for matching 5 instances of the same symbol on a single line.

In this star-studded circus, even the Wild symbol takes the spotlight—a golden big top that not only substitutes for regular symbols but also reigns as the most valuable symbol, rewarding 50 times the stake for a captivating display of 5 Wilds on a line. Let the curtain rise on this visual and auditory spectacle, as Golden Ticket 2 beckons you to the grandeur of a bygone era.

Golden Ticket 2 - Bonus Features

Prepare for a whirlwind of excitement as Golden Ticket 2 unfolds its array of features, ensuring a dynamic and captivating gaming experience. At the heart of the action is the Cascading Wins feature, injecting a unique twist into the familiar mechanic. Winning symbols vanish, making way for the remaining symbols to drop and create new winning combinations, initiating a cascade of consecutive wins. The Progressive Multiplier adds to the thrill, increasing by 1x with each cascade, although it resets after each spin. Clear the entire grid, and a special instant cash prize of 500x your bet awaits.

Complementing the cascade is the Wild symbol, offering an extra chance for success. After a 3-of-a-kind combination is removed, a Wild symbol appears in the middle, providing opportunities for additional wins. The characters, performing amusing tricks on the right side of the screen, contribute to the Wild Meter. As you accumulate winning combos with the artists, the meter fills, triggering the Multiplier Wilds feature. Each character brings a unique multiplier:

The characters change after each feature activation, and the Multiplier Wilds do not accumulate beyond 3x.

For those familiar with the first Golden Ticket, the bonus game makes a triumphant return. A randomly chosen row marked “BONUS” becomes the key to the Free Spins feature. Clear the row to unveil the BONUS word and access the Free Spins. Before the adventure begins, choose your preferred mode:

Golden Ticket 2 promises a symphony of features, ensuring that every spin is a spectacle to behold, brimming with surprises and rewards.

Where to play?

Embark on a real-money adventure with Golden Ticket 2, a slot that promises excitement and rewarding gameplay. The game is now available, and we have exclusive welcome bonuses waiting for you. Our team diligently scans casinos daily to ensure you have access to the most relevant and lucrative offers.

Still undecided? No worries! Test the waters with the demo version right here at New-Casinos. Scroll up to the game container and click ‘Play for Free’ to launch the trial version. Alternatively, follow this link to experience Golden Ticket 2 in demo mode, absolutely free. Take your time, explore the features, and decide if this thrilling slot is your perfect choice before diving into real-money play.

Review Summary

Golden Ticket 2 emerges as a splendid remake of its predecessor, maintaining the charm of the original while infusing new life into the concept. The familiar spectacle of artists performing their tricks beside the reels remains intact, creating a nostalgic yet refreshed ambiance.

Play’n Go has elevated the gaming experience with a drastic visual upgrade, crafting a new and visually pleasing look. The animations, coupled with immersive sound effects, enhance the overall appeal, surpassing the first installment. Delving into the paytable reveals a significant departure from the original, showcasing Play’n Go’s commitment to innovation.

While some features, like Bonus Rows and Wilds appearing in the middle of winning combos, persist, the similarities end there. Golden Ticket 2 introduces a host of exciting and lucrative features, creating a gameplay experience that promises sustained enjoyment. The progress displayed by Play’n Go over the years is evident, with this version marking a notable step up in quality, elevating the gameplay to unprecedented levels.

Technical aspects receive a considerable boost, with the sequel more than doubling the maximum potential compared to the original. In essence, Golden Ticket 2 undergoes a rebirth with restyled graphics and an enriched feature set. For aficionados of the first part, the second installment is bound to exceed expectations and leave you utterly captivated.

BC.Game Casino questions and answers (FAQ)

What is the Return to Player (RTP) percentage for Golden Ticket 2?
The default RTP for this game is 96.5%. However, it's crucial to check the specifications before depositing, as the game offers varying RTP values. Depending on the operator, you might encounter versions with 96.6%, 94.5%, or 91.5% RTP.
How would you describe the volatility of this title?
Operating on a high-volatility mathematical model, this game advises players to strategize their bets wisely. Given the scarcity of smaller wins, careful adjustment of bets is recommended for sustained gameplay.
What is the maximum win achievable in Golden Ticket 2?
Players can aspire to win up to 5,000 times their bet, equating to a substantial $500,000 on a single spin when utilizing the maximum bet option.
What bonus features does Golden Ticket 2 offer?
Golden Ticket 2 presents an array of exciting bonus features, including Cascading Wins, a progressive multiplier, Wilds, a Wild meter featuring multiplier Wilds, Free Spins with three distinct modes, Win Spins, and Mega 2x2 symbols.
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