Gates Of Olympus Slot by Pragmatic Play

After Sweet Bonanza’s triumphant march through the iGaming arena, expectations soared for Pragmatic Play’s next move. Meeting and even exceeding these expectations, they introduced Gates of Olympus. A masterstroke in slot design, it swiftly garnered adoration, staking its claim as a preferred choice among gamers. Over time, it not only matched the iconic status of Sweet Bonanza but, for many, even eclipsed it.

Gates Of Olympus
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Pragmatic Play
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Pragmatic Play - Slot Developer

In the dynamic world of slot gaming, Pragmatic Play stands as a colossus, renowned for its expansive collection of captivating games. Their titles, embraced by countless enthusiasts worldwide, are testaments to their ingenuity. Among this illustrious lineup is the game in question, an evergreen classic. It remains unwavering in its appeal, continually enchanting both seasoned and novice punters alike.

Slot Theme and Storyline

Delving into the game, its very name evokes imagery steeped in Greek mythology. To those unfamiliar, Mount Olympus isn’t just Greece’s loftiest peak; it’s the celestial abode where revered deities like Poseidon, Athena, Aphrodite, and the formidable Zeus resided.

Embarking on the Gates of Olympus slot, players ascend to this majestic mountain’s zenith. There, they’re greeted by an opulent marble citadel and the throne of Zeus himself. The mighty God of Storms hovers adjacent to the reels, occasionally wielding his thunderbolt prowess. With each strike, he infuses the reels with tantalizing multipliers, bestowing fortuitous wins upon the players. The ambiance is thick with Hellenic allure, making it an enchanting experience. Kudos to Pragmatic’s design maestros for conjuring such a captivating realm!

Graphics, Sounds, and Gameplay

In the realm of design, Gates of Olympus is a masterstroke. It showcases pristine cartoon-style graphics, complemented by fluid animations that breathe life into every spin. Even though time has passed since its debut, the game’s aesthetic appeal remains undiminished. Its visuals are as enchanting today as they were on launch day. While its design prowess is undeniable, if there’s a tiny nitpick, it’s the theme’s familiarity. The Greek pantheon is a well-trodden path in the iGaming sphere. Nonetheless, Pragmatic Play’s rendition still manages to stand tall, capturing the essence of Olympus with grace and grandeur.

The auditory experience in the Gates of Olympus slot is nothing short of spellbinding. Sound isn’t just an afterthought here; it’s a central pillar of the gameplay experience. As the reels whirl, players are enveloped by an elegant orchestral melody, echoing the grandeur of ancient Greece. But it’s not just about the backdrop. When bonus features get triggered, the crescendo builds, amplifying the excitement and immersing players deeper into the mythical realm. The soundscape doesn’t just accompany the gameplay; it elevates it, encapsulating the very essence of a fantastical Grecian odyssey.

Symbols and Paytable

Gates of Olympus breaks away from traditional slot norms with its expansive 6x5 grid. Instead of typical line wins, you collect rewards by landing 8 or more identical symbols anywhere in sight. Dive into a paytable with 9 distinct symbols: five shimmering gems make up the lower tier, while four symbols echoing Zeus's divine power sit atop the hierarchy.
Value for 8+
Value for 10+
Value for 12+
Blue Gem
0.25x the bet
0.75x the bet
2x the bet
Green Gem
0.4x the bet
0.9x the bet
4x the bet
Yellow Gem
0.5x the bet
1x the bet
5x the bet
Purple Gem
0.8x the bet
1.2x the bet
8x the bet
Red Gem
1x the bet
1.5x the bet
10x the bet
1.5x the bet
2x the bet
12x the bet
2x the bet
5x the bet
15x the bet
2.5x the bet
10x the bet
25x the bet
10x the bet
25x the bet
50x the bet

How To Play Gates Of Olympus Slot For Real Money

Embarking on a journey with the Gates of Olympus slot is as straightforward as it gets. If you’re raring to experience the thrill of real money play, follow this uncomplicated path:

  1. Begin by perusing the top-rated Gates of Olympus casino platforms listed above, ensuring they cater to players from your region.
  2. Immerse yourself in the assortment of promotions and bonus offers available. Choose the one that resonates with you the most.
  3. Seamlessly register with your chosen casino and activate the bonus you’ve earmarked.
  4. Dive into the game, let the reels whirl, and immerse yourself in the legendary Gates of Olympus adventure!

Gates of Olympus Bonuses and Special Features

Dive into the Gates of Olympus slot and you’re in for a treat, thanks to a plethora of immersive gameplay elements. Ensuring every spin is as exciting as the last, the game boasts several standout mechanics. From the thrill of Cascading Wins, which can set off a domino effect of payouts, to the unexpected delight of Random Multipliers boosting your gains, and not to forget the sought-after Free Spins round that offers amplified winning potential. Every moment playing Gates of Olympus is filled with anticipation and surprises.


Once you’ve struck a winning combination in Gates of Olympus, brace yourself for the dynamic Tumble feature. With every win, the triumphant symbols dissolve, making way for the symbols above to gracefully descend and occupy the vacated spaces. This isn’t the end, though. Fresh symbols rain down from the heavens to replenish the grid. The beauty of this mechanism is its continuity – the tumbles keep coming as long as new winning sequences form. This continuous cascade of symbols can set off a whirlwind of wins in a single spin, limited only by the game’s generosity.

Multiplier Symbol

In Gates of Olympus, the allure of the Multiplier symbols cannot be overstated. They hold the power to transform even the humblest of winnings into substantial rewards. Available during regular spins, these Multiplier symbols can spontaneously manifest alongside the standard symbols.

When fortune favors and a Multiplier symbol graces the reels, it cloaks itself in a random value, spanning anywhere from a modest 2x to an awe-inspiring 500x. And here’s where the magic unfolds: once the cascading tumbles come to a halt, the spin’s total win is amplified by the Multiplier’s designated value. But the generosity doesn’t end there. Should multiple Multiplier symbols emerge simultaneously, their respective values combine, promising a potential windfall.

Free Spins

The crowning glory of the Gates of Olympus slot has to be its Free Spins feature, where fortunes can be changed in mere moments. Triggering this captivating bonus demands the appearance of a minimum of 4 Scatter symbols anywhere on the playing grid, setting the stage with an initial 15 free spins. But there’s a cherry on top! Based on the number of Scatters – 4, 5, or 6 – that activate the round, players are graced with an upfront cash bonus equivalent to 3x, 5x, or an impressive 100x their stake.

While the Free Spins largely mirror the base game’s rules, there’s a twist that escalates the excitement. Each time a Multiplier symbol plays a part in securing a win, its value is added to a running multiplier total for the free spins. Subsequent Multipliers that enhance wins also benefit from the accumulated multiplier, boosting the win’s magnitude.

However, be aware that idle Multiplier symbols, which aren’t part of a winning combination, don’t contribute to this accumulation. And while this accumulated multiplier can soar indefinitely, it’s vital to remember the game’s winning ceiling. Should you hit this maximum win threshold, the bonus round wraps up instantly. Interestingly, our trials suggest that Multiplier symbols frequent the Free Spins realm more than the base game.

But the Free Spins feature hasn’t disclosed all its cards yet. If you manage to land 3 or more Scatter symbols during this bonus round, you’re rewarded with an extra 5 spins, indefinitely increasing your playtime.

Bonus Buy

For those adventurers who’d rather bypass the preamble and dive straight into the thrilling heart of the game, Gates of Olympus presents a handy shortcut: the Buy Feature. By employing this feature, enthusiasts can instantaneously launch the coveted free spins round, albeit at a price set at 100 times their initial wager.

Gates Of Olympus RTP, Max Win & Volatility

The Gates of Olympus slot game offers versatility in betting, catering to both conservative betters and high-stakes thrill-seekers. Bets can range from a modest €0.2 to a bold €100, and with the Ante Bet activated, you can even wager up to €125. The game’s RTP boasts three configurations; the standard stands at an impressive 96.5%. However, two other configurations dip lower at 95.51% and 94.5%. Always scan the rules before placing your deposit. Given its high volatility, players might experience prolonged intervals before securing hefty returns. Though wins might be elusive at times, the tantalizing maximum payout of 5,000x the stake keeps players coming back for more.

Gates Of Olympus Demo & Free Play

For an optimal gaming experience, we urge our patrons to first embark on the Gates of Olympus free demo play. This approach allows you to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics and ascertain if it aligns with your preferences. Additionally, navigating through the demo can aid in formulating a gameplay strategy for when you decide to invest real money. At New-Casinos, we provide a complimentary Gates of Olympus demo, ensuring you don’t spend any money while you explore. To dive into this trial experience, either click on the provided link or navigate to the top of this page and select ‘Play Demo For Free’. Dive in and gauge the game’s magic for yourself!

Best Strategies, Tips & Tricks To Win

Engaging with slot machines is essentially a dalliance with Lady Luck, as these games are rooted in pure chance. This means that no fail-proof strategy or definitive algorithm can guarantee consistent wins with Gates of Olympus. However, to make the most of your gameplay, you might consider the following guidelines:

  1. Acknowledge the game’s high variance and adapt your wagers to ensure your bankroll isn’t depleted rapidly.
  2. Deploy the Ante Bet feature judiciously; it can enhance your odds of unlocking the bonus rounds.
  3. Seize the benefits of offers tied to Gates of Olympus, be it free spins, bonus funds, or other enticing promotions.
  4. Acquaint yourself with the game by trying out the demo mode before plunging into real-money stakes.
  5. Prioritize enjoyment over profit. Revel in the thrill of the game rather than obsessively pursuing major wins.

Pros And Cons Of Gates Of Olympus Online Slot Machine

  • Top-notch graphics and sounds
  • Pay Anywhere mechanics
  • Every win triggers Tumbles
  • Random Multipliers up to 500x
  • Powerful Free Spins with Multiplier collection feature
  • Payouts up to 5,000x the stake
  • Basically a makeover of the Sweet Bonanza slot
  • Formulaic Greek theme
  • RTP ranges

Review Summary

Gates of Olympus, a stellar creation by Pragmatic Play, didn’t climb to its peak of fame by accident. While one might argue that the Greek theme isn’t groundbreaking, the dynamism that pulsates beneath the visuals is truly celestial. The slot constantly throws curveballs to ensure players are tethered to the edge of their seats. The crown jewel? The multiplier feature, omnipresent throughout the gameplay. Witnessing it spring to life, especially flaunting that tantalizing 500x, it’s like witnessing a skyrocket, illuminating the heavens with the promise of mammoth wins. But wait, there’s more! The free spins realm, infused with bonus multipliers, dangles the allure of hefty wins, which when twined with cascades, can turn fortunes in a heartbeat! Wrapping it up, Gates of Olympus isn’t just another slot – it’s an odyssey brimming with thrill, exhilaration, and boundless rewards. A must-try for any aficionado of the reels.

BC.Game Casino questions and answers (FAQ)

What's Special About Gates of Olympus' Multipliers?
The game boasts a unique multiplier feature that can appear on any spin, with values ranging from 2x to an incredible 500x. They add a thrilling dynamic to each play.
How Do Cascades Work In Gates Of Olympus?
Once a winning combination lands, the symbols disappear, and new ones tumble from above to fill the void. These cascades continue until no new wins are formed, amplifying potential payouts.
Is Gates of Olympus Mobile-Friendly?
Absolutely. Designed with a responsive framework, the game adjusts seamlessly across various devices, ensuring smooth gameplay on both desktops and mobiles.
What Sets Gates of Olympus Apart From Other Greek-themed Slots?
While the theme might feel familiar, its high-end cartoonish visuals, combined with an array of features like cascades and multipliers, offer a unique gaming experience.
Are There Any Similar Games To Gates Of Olympus?
Certainly, while Gates of Olympus holds its own charm, games like Sweet Bonanza and Age of the Gods also offer enticing gameplay that you might enjoy.
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