Forge of Olympus Slot by Pragmatic Play

Amid the echelons of Mount Olympus, Pragmatic Play unveils its newest epic: «Forge of Olympus.» With a grand 6×5 matrix, this slot is no mere mortal. Here, the Pay Anywhere reels provide players with tantalizing opportunities at every twist and turn. A key feature? The radiant multiplier symbols, which can magnify your winnings up to a staggering x100. As the Tumble sequences unfold, these multipliers elevate your rewards to heights worthy of the gods.

Venture into the game’s bonus realm, and a unique challenge awaits. Here, players gather multiplier symbols, gradually ascending through four monumental levels. Each ascent refines the value range of the multipliers, intensifying the thrill. With fortunes that could peak at a celestial 5,000x your wager, «Forge of Olympus» beckons both the brave and the bold. Dive into the mythology and mechanics of this game in our detailed review, available right below its free demo version.

Forge of Olympus
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Forge of Olympus Review

Hephaestus, while perhaps overshadowed by Vulcan in Roman legends, held a unique stature in Greek mythology as the god of fire, forging, and artisanship. His visage is intimidating, with tattoos of magma coursing through his physique and eyes that glint with molten determination. In contrast, Zeus from the preceding Gate of Olympus game appears rather docile. The graphics and illustrations in this sequel, «Forge of Olympus,» are undeniably more vibrant and captivating.

As a successor to the original sensation, «Forge of Olympus» brings in its own touch of magic. This version brims with multiplier symbols that can escalate your rewards to a grand x100. Delve into its bonus domain, and you’re in for a surprise. Here, the game unfolds with multipliers that can be advanced through tiers. Players gather these multipliers, progressing through four distinct stages. At its zenith, this progression offers nothing but the elite x50 to x100 multiplier symbols. While maintaining the impressive 5,000x potential of its predecessor, «Forge of Olympus» carves its own niche in the annals of slot legends.

Forge of Olympus Slot Features

In the world of Forge of Olympus, where gods and magic intertwine, leveraging the Ante Bet will demand a 25% premium on each spin, but it’s a price worth paying as it elevates your odds of accessing the bonus round twofold. To strike gold, you must land anywhere between 8-9 and 12-30 matching symbols, with the highest count fetching between 2 and 50 times your bet.

While the game doesn’t feature the conventional Wild symbols, it compensates with the dynamic Tumble Wins mechanism. Here, victorious symbols vanish only to be substituted afresh. This chain reaction persists, keeping players on the edge, as long as the winning streak remains unbroken.

At sporadic intervals, players might encounter the Hammer Multiplier Symbols. Their arrival is heralded by an echoing celestial voice uttering «Olympus», as Hephaestus, with unmatched fervor, wields his gargantuan hammer against the glowing anvil. These symbols come etched with values ranging from x2 to x100, culminating at the sequence’s end to magnify the triumph.

For those coveting the elusive Forge of Olympus Slot Bonus Round, setting sights on 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols could gift 10, 15, or 20 free spins. This isn’t all; stakes amplify by 3x, 5x, or a staggering 100x, respectively. The pursuit involves accumulating multiplier symbols, with their numbers determining the level and range of ensuing multipliers:

The ceiling is capped at Level 4, but an extra set of 3+ scatters grants an additional 5 spins.

For players in certain territories (excluding the UK), the Buy Free Spins Feature presents an enticing prospect. It provides four tiers of entry:

Regardless of choice, players receive a random scatter count, between 4 and 6. With a natural bonus round frequency standing at 1 in 362 spins, leveraging the Ante Bet could halve this waiting period, promising action at a thrilling 1 in 181 spins.

Review Summary

In the ever-evolving gaming world, Pragmatic Play stands out not just for its innovative games but also for its knack to ingeniously build on the momentum of successful releases. Their prowess in optimizing a hit formula without compromising on quality is admirable. This mastery is evident in their latest release, Forge of Olympus.

As you delve into this mythical realm, the mighty Hephaestus, with his fierce demeanor and blacksmith tools, takes center stage. Every stroke of his hammer resonates with promise, hinting at forthcoming multiplier treasures. Yet, it’s not without its moments of tantalizing disappointment; especially when the coveted multipliers appear, but no winning combination graces the reels.

Forge of Olympus feels reminiscent of its predecessor, Gates of Olympus, especially during the base game. The distinct difference lies in the capped multiplier range. However, this game truly comes alive in its bonus round, where it stands apart with its unique multiplier collection mechanism. Gathering a mere 15 multiplier symbols catapults players to the coveted level 4, where each multiplier dances between x50 and x100. But remember, these multipliers only come to life if they coincide with a win.

Aesthetically, Forge of Olympus is a masterpiece. Its visuals, from the meticulously designed symbols to the mesmerizing ash eruption signaling the commencement or culmination of the bonus round, are a visual treat. While it might not completely overshadow its predecessor, it undoubtedly carves its niche. For those seeking an enchanting blend of visuals and potent gameplay, Forge of Olympus beckons, and it’s an invitation hard to decline.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Game

  • 25 % Ante Bet 2x your FS chances
  • Additive multiplier symbols up to x100
  • FS w/ upgradable multiplier symbol tiers
  • Win up to 5,000x (1 in 15,873,016 spins)
  • Beware of adjustable RTP ranges
  • Lower multiplier symbol range than GoO

BC.Game Casino questions and answers (FAQ)

What is the special feature that sets Forge of Olympus apart?
Forge of Olympus boasts a unique multiplier collection system during the bonus round, where players can upgrade the multiplier symbol value range in four distinct levels. This dynamic is what lends the game its heightened level of suspense and engagement.
How does the 'Pay Anywhere reels' system work?
In Forge of Olympus, players can win regardless of the position of the symbols. As long as the required number of matching symbols appears anywhere on the reels, you'll register a win. This opens up numerous opportunities for combinations and increases winning chances.
Is the hammer stroke of Hephaestus a vital event in the game?
Absolutely. When Hephaestus swings his hammer, players can anticipate multiplier symbols. However, it's essential to remember that these multipliers need a winning combination to activate their potential.
How do I achieve Level 4 in the bonus round?
To reach the coveted Level 4 in the bonus round, players need to collect 15 multiplier symbols. Achieving this level ensures that the multipliers available in your game range between x50 and x100.
Are there any geographical restrictions on the Buy Free Spins Feature?
Yes, certain jurisdictions, like the UK, do not allow players to access the Buy Free Spins Feature due to gambling regulations. Players should always check the game's features in their residing countries before proceeding.
Does Forge of Olympus incorporate any unique visual or animation elements?
The game is a visual treat. One of the standout animation features is the ash explosion, signaling the start or end of the bonus round. The meticulous attention to detail in the design and animation enhances the overall gaming experience.
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