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Embark on a thrilling journey with Dragons Clusterbuster, a captivating fantasy slot by Red Tiger. Unveil the power of the 3×3 Clusterbuster block amidst dynamic cluster pays mechanics, promising electrifying wins. Discover up to 3 Hatchling modifiers for enhanced gameplay, with fortunes reaching up to 5,250 times your bet. Dive into the action-packed adventure now with our review and free demo game below.

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Dragons Clusterbuster Review

Red Tiger, known for its fascination with fantastical creatures and innovative game mechanics, has once again delved into the realm of myth and magic with Dragons Clusterbuster. This visually stunning 9×9 grid slot introduces players to a captivating fusion of fire-breathing dragons and unlockable features, anchored by the trademarked Clusterbuster™ mechanic positioned prominently at the slot’s core.

While reminiscent of similar concepts explored in previous titles like Thor’s Lightning, Red Tiger’s Clusterbuster™ feature takes center stage in Dragons Clusterbuster. This innovative mechanism serves as the gateway to unlocking all three Hatchling modifiers, each imbued with its own unique powers. As players navigate through the game, the unlocking process unfolds, paving the way for thrilling random modifier triggers. Once the trio of modifiers is fully unleashed, attention turns to the pivotal 3×3 center block, acting as the catalyst for triggering the exhilarating bonus round. Here, the frequency of Hatchling modifier activations intensifies, heightening the excitement and potential for monumental wins.

Dragons Clusterbuster Slot Features

In Dragons Clusterbuster, winning combinations are formed by landing 5 to 20 or more matching symbols in a cluster, with premium symbols rewarding players with 12 to 50 times their stake for clusters of 20 or more. The golden Wild symbol substitutes for all regular pay symbols but holds no individual value.

A pivotal aspect of the gameplay is the Chain Reaction mechanic, triggered with each win. This feature clears winning symbols from the grid, allowing new ones to drop down and potentially create more wins. The cycle continues as long as new wins are generated, serving as the foundation for unlocking further features.

At the heart of the game lies the 3×3 Clusterbuster, encased by 8 outer blocker tiles. Removing these tiles by landing adjacent cluster wins triggers the hatching of the Clusterbuster egg. Once hatched, a dragon eye above the reels indicates the availability of the corresponding Hatchling modifier. There are three Hatchling modifiers:

Upon unlocking all three Hatchlings, the Bonus Round is activated, displayed as ‘Free Spins’ on the 3×3 center block. Ten free spins are awarded, during which the Clusterbuster block is removed, and Hatchling modifiers trigger more frequently. The bonus round cannot be retriggered, nor can additional spins be won.

Review Summary

Red Tiger’s Dragons Clusterbuster offers an enchanting fantasy experience, reminiscent of their popular Dragon’s Fire series, which is sure to captivate fans of the genre. Visually stunning, the game immerses players in a mystical world filled with dragons and magic.

However, the game introduces a unique mechanic with the dragon’s eye unlocking feature, which may divide players. While some may appreciate the sense of progression it brings, others might find it tedious and unnecessary, particularly as it delays access to the full potential of the game.

Nevertheless, once all features are unlocked, Dragons Clusterbuster truly shines. Removing Clusterbuster blocker tiles to trigger Hatchling modifiers and eventually unlocking the bonus round offers a familiar yet engaging gameplay loop. With the potential for big wins of up to 5,250 times the stake, players are incentivized to persevere through the unlocking process.

Overall, Dragons Clusterbuster presents an intriguing twist on the cluster pays grid slot genre. While it may take some time to unlock its full potential, patient players will likely find the journey worthwhile, immersing themselves in the magical world of dragons and mystery.

Pros And Cons Of Dragons Clusterbuster Slot

  • Unlock 3 Hatchling modifiers via Clusterbuster
  • The 3 modifiers trigger randomly after that
  • FS w/ more frequent Hatchling modifiers
  • Win up to 5,250x your stake
  • Beware of customizable RTP ranges
  • Takes a while before all 3 are unlocked

BC.Game Casino questions and answers (FAQ)

What is the Dragons Clusterbuster Slot's RTP?
The Dragons Clusterbuster Slot boasts an RTP of 96%, which falls within the average range.
How volatile is the Dragons Clusterbuster Slot?
Dragons Clusterbuster Slot is characterized by high volatility, meaning players can expect significant fluctuations in their bankroll.
What is the maximum potential win?
Players have the chance to win up to 5,250 times their stake in Dragons Clusterbuster, a substantial payout opportunity for this developer's game.
How does the Clusterbuster™ feature function?
The Clusterbuster™ feature centers around a 3x3 block positioned at the grid's center. By landing adjacent cluster wins, players remove the 8 outer tiles of this block. This process unlocks 3 Hatchling modifiers permanently, which can trigger randomly. The bonus round is triggered similarly after unlocking all 3 modifiers.
Does Dragons Clusterbuster Slot offer free spins?
Yes, Dragons Clusterbuster Slot rewards players with 10 free spins once they successfully remove all 8 blocker tiles from the Clusterbuster. However, this occurs only after unlocking all 3 Hatchling modifiers. During the bonus round, these modifiers trigger more frequently.
Can I play Dragons Clusterbuster Slot for free?
Absolutely, players can explore the Dragons Clusterbuster Slot's demo version at the top of this page.
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