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Embark on a thrilling adventure with Cluster Tumble, a high-volatility slot by Relax Gaming. Set against an 8×8 cluster pays grid dominated by stone blockers, this game introduces cascading wins that detonate both winning symbols and adjacent tiles, including the challenging blocker tiles. Adding to the excitement are three unique modifiers. As you navigate through the bonus round, the multiplier escalates by +3 with every cleared grid, offering the potential to win up to an astonishing 20,000 times your stake. Dive into our comprehensive review and explore the game firsthand with the free demo.

Cluster Tumble
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Cluster Tumble Review

In the lineage of Relax Gaming’s slot titles adorned with the term ‘Tumble,’ Cluster Tumble stands as a thematic counterpart to the successful Temple Tumble Megaways. The captivating cinematic introduction unveils a plot twist: the renowned Husband Explorer from the previous installment has mysteriously disappeared. Undeterred, his equally celebrated Explorer Wife takes up the mantle, continuing the thrill and, perhaps, adding a dash of suspense to their marital adventures. Brace yourself for cascading excitement, as Cluster Tumble introduces remarkably prolonged and satisfying exploding cascades. These not only eliminate stone blockers but also occasionally unveil modifiers. The game holds the promise of payouts reaching up to 20,000 times your stake, driven by an unlimited bonus round multiplier that increments by +3—although conquering the grid to amplify it is a challenge in itself.

Cluster Tumble Slot Features

Wilds in Cluster Tumble serve as versatile symbols that can appear anywhere on the grid, stepping in for regular pay symbols to forge winning clusters. These Wilds, equipped with up to 5 lives, lose one life for each win they contribute to. Winning clusters are formed by landing between 4 and 40 matching symbols anywhere on the grid, with clusters of 40 or more symbols triggering payouts of 50, 100, or an impressive 2,000 times your stake.

The Cascading Wins mechanic in Cluster Tumble deviates from the norm by not only removing winning symbols but also clearing all adjacent symbols, including stone blocker tiles. The elimination of these blockers expands the grid size, as new or existing symbols descend to fill the voids. This process repeats as long as winning combinations persist.

Certain stone blocker tiles in Cluster Tumble are marked with icons denoting their modifier abilities, which become active if adjacent to a winning symbol:

The Bonus Round in Cluster Tumble is triggered by either clearing all stone block symbols from the grid or landing 3 scatters in the same cascading sequence. This unlocks 5 free spins, with an additional x3 win multiplier awarded for clearing all stone blocks during the feature. The multiplier escalates by +3 with each cleared grid, and scatters landing during the round provide +1 extra spin. For players seeking an expedited entrance to the Bonus Round, the Bonus Buy feature offers two options: the default version, priced at 100x your stake, and an extra volatile option at 200x your stake. The latter boosts the multiplier by +6 per cleared grid and increases the RTP to 96.48% or 96.57%, respectively.

Review Summary

Cluster Tumble weaves an endearing cinematic story, injecting a touch of charm and romance into the gameplay. However, the tale may border on the dramatic, with its Bambi-eyed husband character. This, though, is a minor quibble, easily overshadowed by the captivating chain-reaction fireworks that erupt with the explosion of tiles following a single win. The game’s gravity setting and pace are finely tuned, critical elements for a title featuring extensive cascading sequences. In this regard, Relax Gaming excels, ensuring players are effortlessly drawn into the cascading tile action.

The gameplay in Cluster Tumble is not only highly satisfying but also immersive in every stage of play. It’s important to note that achieving substantial success likely hinges on the bonus round’s multiplier action. However, navigating the task of clearing a 64-tile grid proves challenging, especially when starting with a modest 10-20 symbols surrounded by stone blockers. Many instances may yield a lone, larger win, with the subsequent free spins offering minimal rewards. Yet, on an auspicious day, a formidable win potential of up to 20,000x emerges. Overall, Cluster Tumble stands as a thrilling grid slot experience that aficionados won’t want to overlook.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Game

  • Cascades destroy winning + adjacent symbols/blockers
  • Stone blockers can come with 3 unique modifiers
  • FS w/ unlimited cleared-grid multiplier that increases by +3
  • Volatile FS buy option w/ +6 incrementing multiplier (not UK)
  • Solid 96.4 % RTP (and not customizable!)
  • Win up to 20,000x your stake
  • Cinematic love story is a bit too cheesy
  • The explorer husband and wife could use a name

BC.Game Casino questions and answers (FAQ)

Is Cluster Tumble more about storytelling or gameplay?
Cluster Tumble balances both storytelling and gameplay. While the cinematic story introduces a romantic narrative, the gameplay takes center stage with captivating cascading sequences and explosions of tiles. The storytelling adds charm, but the game's gravity settings and pace contribute significantly to the immersive experience.
How do Wilds function in Cluster Tumble?
Wilds in Cluster Tumble can land anywhere on the grid and assist in completing winning clusters by substituting for regular pay symbols. They come with up to 5 lives, with the tally decreasing by 1 life each time the wild contributes to a win. Wilds may generate more wild symbols, with or without countdown lives.
What is the significance of the Cascading Wins mechanic in Cluster Tumble?
The Cascading Wins mechanic in Cluster Tumble removes not only winning symbols but also all adjacent symbols and blocker tiles. This action increases the size of the grid, and new or existing symbols drop down to fill the gaps. The feature continues as long as winning combinations persist.
How is the Bonus Round triggered in Cluster Tumble?
The Bonus Round in Cluster Tumble is triggered either by clearing all the stone block symbols from the grid or landing 3 scatters anywhere in view during the same cascading sequence. Players receive 5 free spins, and clearing the stone blocks awards an x3 win multiplier. The multiplier increases by +3 each time the grid is cleared.
Is there a Bonus Buy feature in Cluster Tumble?
Yes, Cluster Tumble offers a Bonus Buy feature with two options. The default version costs 100x your stake, providing 5 free spins, while the extra volatile option, priced at 200x your stake, increases the multiplier by +6 per cleared grid instead of +3. The RTP also adjusts accordingly to 96.48% or 96.57%, respectively.
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